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Oracle Assets User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13586-04
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Oracle Assets User Guide


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Overview of Oracle Assets

Graphical User Interface
      Oracle Assets Workbenches

Asset Setup

Asset Setup Information
      Asset Descriptive Details
      Depreciation Rules (Books)
      Source Lines
      Construction-in-Process (CIP) Assets
Asset Setup Processes (Additions)
Adding an Asset Accepting Defaults (QuickAdditions)
Adding an Asset Specifying Details (Detail Additions)
      Entering Financial Information (Detail Additions Continued)
      Assigning an Asset (Detail Additions Continued)
Correcting Current Period Addition Errors
Overview of the Mass Additions Process
      Review Mass Additions
      Post Mass Additions to Oracle Assets
      Clean Up Mass Additions
      Create Mass Additions from Invoice Distributions in Payables
      Create Mass Additions from Capital Assets in Oracle Projects
Auto Prepare Mass Additions Lines
Adding an Asset Automatically from an External Source (Mass Additions)
      Reviewing Mass Addition Lines
      Posting Mass Addition Lines to Oracle Assets
      Deleting Mass Additions from Oracle Assets
About the Mass Additions Interface
      Planning Your Import
      Defining Oracle Assets for Mass Additions
      Loading Your Asset Data
      FA_MASS_ADDITIONS Interface Table
      Importing Your Asset Information
      Finishing Your Import
Creating Asset Additions Using Web ADI
Future Transactions
      Adding a Future Transaction Manually
      Invoice Additions
      Merge Mass Additions
      Split Mass Additions
      Performing Adjustments with Future Effective Dates
      Capitalize CIP Assets in Advance
      View Pending Transactions
Adding Assets in Short Tax Years
      Adding a Single Asset in a Short Tax Year
      Adding Multiple Assets in a Short Tax Year
      Uploading Tax Book Depreciation Information
      How Oracle Assets Calculates Depreciation in a Short Tax Year
      Short Tax Year Example

Asset Maintenance

Changing Asset Details
      Reclassifying Assets
      Adjusting Units for an Asset
Adjusting Accounting Information
      Changing Financial and Depreciation Information
      Transferring Assets
      Changing Invoice Information for an Asset
Mass External Transfers of Assets and Source Lines
Placing Construction-In-Process (CIP) Assets in Service
Revaluing Assets
Asset Management in a Highly Inflationary Economy (Revaluation)
      Control Your Revaluation
Asset Impairments
      Setting Up Impairments
      Defining Cash Generating Unit
      Assign Impairment Accounts
      Asset Impairment Business Process
      Assigning Cash-Generating Units to Assets (Optional)
      Manual Assignment
      WebADI Assignment
      Entering and Uploading Asset Impairments
      Updating Asset Impairments
      Reviewing Asset Impairment Reports
      Posting Asset Impairments
      Viewing Asset Impairments
      Rolling Back Asset Impairments
      Deleting Asset Impairments
      Accounting Methods
      Asset Impairment Considerations
      Post-Impairment Transactions
      Asset Impairment Reports
      Loading Impairment Data
The United Kingdom Local Authority Accounting for Revaluations and Impairments
      Application Setup
      Managing Impairments
      Managing Revaluations
      Accounting Entry Examples
Physical Inventory
      About Physical Inventory
      Setting Up Oracle Assets Data to be Included in Physical Inventory
      Loading Physical Inventory Data
      Physical Inventory Comparison Program
      Viewing Comparison Results
      Missing Assets
      Purging Physical Inventory Data
      Creating Physical Inventory Using Web ADI
Scheduling Asset Maintenance
      Schedule Maintenance Events Window Reference
      Maintenance Details Window Reference
      Purge Maintenance Schedules Window Reference

Asset Retirements

About Retirements
Retiring Assets
Correcting Retirement Errors (Reinstatements)
Mass External Retirements
      Rules for Mass External Retirements
      Entering Mass External Retirements
      Mass External Retirements Interface Table
Calculating Gains and Losses for Retirements
Retirement Requests
      Creating Retirement Requests in Oracle Projects - Field Employees
      Processing Retirement Requests - Fixed Asset Accountant
      Processing Imported Retirement Requests


Running Depreciation
Rolling Back Depreciation
Depreciation Override
About the Depreciation Override Interface
Loading Depreciation Override Data
Basic Depreciation Calculation
      Depreciation Calculation
Depreciation Calculation for Flat-Rate Methods
Depreciation Calculation for Table and Calculated Methods
Depreciation Calculations for Double Declining Table Base Methods
Depreciation Calculation for the Units of Production Method
Assets Depreciating Under Units of Production
Using the Production Interface
      Assigning Values to Required Columns in the FA_PRODUCTION_INTERFACE Table
      Customize the Production Interface SQL*Loader Script
      Uploading Production into Oracle Assets
Entering Production Amounts
Projecting Depreciation Expense
Forecasting Depreciation
Data Archive and Purge
      Resizing the Archive Tables
      Archive, Purge, and Restore Process
Archiving and Purging Transaction and Depreciation Data
Unplanned Depreciation
      Entering Unplanned Depreciation for an Asset
Bonus Depreciation
      Bonus Rule Accounts
      Bonus Rule Examples
Defaulting Asset Salvage Value as a Percentage of Cost
Depreciating Assets Beyond the Useful Life


Oracle Subledger Accounting
      Create Accounting
      Account Analysis Report
Asset Accounting
      Journal Entries
      Reviewing Journal Entries
      Journal Entry Examples
Journal Entries for Depreciation
Journal Entries for Additions and Capitalizations
Journal Entries for Adjustments
      Amortized and Expensed Adjustments
Recoverable Cost Adjustments
      Cost Adjustments to Assets Using a Life-Based Depreciation Method
      Cost Adjustments to Assets Using a Flat-Rate Depreciation Method
      Cost Adjustments to Assets Using a Diminishing Value Depreciation Method
      Cost Adjustments to Assets Depreciating Under a Units of Production Method
      Cost Adjustments to Capitalized and CIP Source Lines
      Cost Adjustment by Adding a Mass Addition to an Existing Asset
      Amortized Adjustments Using a Retroactive Start Date
Depreciation Method Adjustments
Life Adjustments
Rate Adjustments
      Rate Adjustments - Flat-Rate Depreciation Method
      Rate Adjustments - Diminishing Value Depreciation Method
Capacity Adjustments
Journal Entries for Transfers and Reclassifications
Journal Entries for Retirements and Reinstatements
Journal Entries for Revaluations
Journal Entries for Tax Accumulated Depreciation Adjustments

Tax Accounting

Tax Book Maintenance
      How Initial Mass Copy Works
      Initial Mass Copy Example
      How Periodic Mass Copy Works
      Periodic Mass Copy Example
Tax Book Upload Interface
      Populating the FA_TAX_INTERFACE Table
      Upload Tax Book Interface
      Tax Book Upload Example
Updating a Tax Book with Assets and Transactions
Deferred Income Tax Liability
Determining Deferred Income Tax Liability
Tax Credits
Assigning Tax Credits
Adjusted Current Earnings
Updating an ACE Book with Accumulated Depreciation
About the ACE Interface
      ACE Conversion Table
      Automatically Populate the ACE Conversion Table
      Manually Load the ACE Conversion Table
Handle Tax Audits
      Determine Adjusted Accumulated Depreciation
      Mass Depreciation Adjustment Examples
Adjusting Tax Book Accumulated Depreciation

Capital Budgeting

Capital Budgeting
Budgeting for Asset Acquisition
Budget Open Interface
      Upload Budget Process
      Budget Interface Table
      Customize the SQL*Loader Script

System Setup

Setting Up - Overview
      Related Product Setup Steps
      Setup Flowchart
      Setup Checklist
      Setup Steps
Oracle Assets With Multiple Ledgers
Defining the Asset Category Descriptive Flexfield
Using the Account Generator in Oracle Assets
      Decide How to Use the Account Generator
      The Default Account Generator Processes for Oracle Assets
      Customizing the Account Generator for Oracle Assets
Asset Key Flexfield
Category Flexfield
Location Flexfield
Specifying System Controls
Defining Locations
Defining Asset Keys
Entering QuickCodes
Creating Fiscal Years
Specifying Dates for Calendar Periods
Setting Up Security by Book
      Asset Organization Overview
      Organization Hierarchies in Oracle Assets
      Security Profiles
      Security List Maintenance Process
      Defining Responsibilities
      Assigning Responsibilities to Users
      Setting Up FA: Security Profile
Defining Depreciation Books
      Entering Calendar Information for a Book
      Entering Accounting Rules for a Book
      Entering Natural Accounts for a Book
      Entering Tax Rules for a Book
Defining Additional Depreciation Methods
Defining Formula-Based Depreciation Methods
Defining Bonus Depreciation Rules
Depreciation Methods for the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002
      Table-Based Depreciation Methods for the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002
      Changing the Depreciation Method
      Adjusting Accumulated Depreciation for the Prior Fiscal Year
Depreciation Methods for the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004
      Table-Based Depreciation Methods for the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004
      Changing the Depreciation Method
Defining Depreciable Basis Rules
Polish Tax Depreciation
Polish Tax Depreciable Basis Rules
      Polish 30% with a Switch to Declining Classic and Flat Rate
      Polish 30% with a Switch to Flat Rate
      Polish Declining Modified with a Switch to Declining Classic and Flat Rate
      Polish Declining Modified with a Switch to Flat Rate
      Polish Standard Declining with a Switch to Flat Rate
Adjusting Polish Tax Depreciation Transactions
      Negative Cost Adjustments
      Positive Cost Adjustments
Partial Retirements
Japan Tax Reforms - FY2007
      Japanese Straight Line Depreciation Method
      Japanese 250% Declining Balance Depreciation Method
      Variables for Depreciation Formula
      Japanese Straight Line Extended Depreciation
      Windows, Window Tabs, and Menu Items Specific to Japan Tax Reforms
      Rate Details Window
      Extended Depreciation Menu Option
      Find Eligible Assets Window
      Set Extended Depreciation Window
      What-If Analysis Window
      Books Window - Japan Asset Additional Info Tab
      Mass Additions Window - Japan Asset Additional Info Tab
      Japanese Impairments
      Application Setup
      Processing Impairments
      Asset Impairment Examples
      Guarantee Rate Evaluation Method (JP-250DB): NBV Basis
      Japanese Straight Line (JP-STL)
      Japanese Extended Depreciation Method (JP-STL-EXTND) - Impairment at the End of Fiscal Year
      Fully Reserved Assets
      Non-Depreciating Assets
Setting Up Depreciation Ceilings
Defining Investment Tax Credit Rates
Specifying Dates for Prorate Conventions
      About Prorate and Retirement Conventions
      Prorate Convention Setup Examples
Defining Price Indexes
Setting Up Asset Categories
      Entering General Ledger Accounts for the Category
      Entering Default Depreciation Rules for a Category
Defining Distribution Sets
Lease Analysis
Entering Leases
Exporting Lease Payments to Oracle Payables
Defining Asset Warranties
Overview of Asset Insurance
      Entering Asset Insurance Information
      Fixed Asset Insurance Window Reference
      Fixed Asset Insurance Policy Lines Window Reference
      Fixed Asset Insurance Policy Maintenance Window Reference
      Calculating Asset Insurance
      Reviewing Asset Insurance Information

Standard Reports and Listings

Running Standard Reports and Listings
Variable Format Reports
      Comparing Variable Format and Fixed Format Reports
Financial Reports Using XML Publisher
Using Reports to Reconcile to the General Ledger
      Reconciling Journal Entries to General Ledger Accounts
      Reconciling Asset Cost Accounts
      Reconciling CIP Cost Accounts
      Reconciling Reserve Accounts
      Reconciling Depreciation Expense Accounts
      Tracking and Reconciling Mass Additions
Common Report Parameters
Common Report Headings
Budget Reports
      Budget Report
      Budget-To-Actual Report
      Capital Spending Report
CIP Reports
      Capitalizations Report
      CIP Assets Report
      CIP Capitalization Report
Asset Listings
      Fixed Assets Book Report
      Asset Description Listing
      Asset Inventory Report
      Asset Listing by Period
      Asset Register Report
      Asset Tag Listing
      Assets by Category Report
      Assets Not Assigned To Any Books Listing and Assets Not Assigned To Any Cost Centers Listing
      Diminishing Value Report
      Expensed Property Report
      Fully Reserved Assets Report
      Leased Assets Report
      Non-Depreciating Property Report
      Parent Asset Report
      Physical Inventory Comparison Report
      Physical Inventory Missing Assets Report
Maintenance Reports
      Asset Maintenance Report
      Asset Maintenance Report (Variable Format)
Setup Data Listings
      Asset Category Listing
      Bonus Depreciation Rule Listing
      Calendar Listing
      Ceiling Listing
      Database Index Listing
      Depreciation Rate Listing
      Insurance Data Report
      Insurance Value Detail Report
      ITC Rates Listing
      Price Index Listing
      Prorate Convention Listing
Depreciation Reports
      Depreciation Projection Report
      Hypothetical What-if Report
      Hypothetical What-if Report (Variable Format)
      Unplanned Depreciation Report
      What-if Depreciation Report
      What-if Depreciation Report (Variable Format)
Accounting Reports
      Account Reconciliation Reserve Ledger Report
      Accumulated Depreciation Balance Report
      Asset Cost Balance Report
      CIP Cost Balance Report
      Cost and CIP Detail and Summary Reports
      Cost Clearing Reconciliation Report
      Cost Clearing Reconciliation Report (Variable Format)
      Group Asset Report (Variable Format)
      Journal Entry Reserve Ledger Report
      Production History Report
      Reserve Detail and Summary Reports
      Reserve Ledger Report
      Revaluation Reserve Balance Report
      Revaluation Reserve Detail and Summary Reports
Responsibility Reports
      Responsibility Reserve Ledger Report
Tax Reports
      Assets Update Report
      ACE Depreciation Comparison Report
      ACE Non-Depreciating Assets Exception Report
      ACE Unrecognized Depreciation Method Code Exception Report
      Form and Adjusted Form 4562 -Depreciation and Amortization Report
      Form and Adjusted Form 4626 - AMT Detail and Summary Reports
      Form 4684 - Casualties and Thefts Report
      Form 4797 Reports
      Investment Tax Credit Report
      Mass Depreciation Adjustment Preview and Review Reports
      Property Tax Report
      Property Tax Report (Variable Format)
      Recoverable Cost Report
      Reserve Adjustments Report
      Retired Assets Without Property Classes Report and Retired Assets Without Retirement Types Report
      Revalued Asset Retirements Report
      Tax Additions Report
      Tax Preference Report
      Tax Reserve Ledger Report
      Tax Retirements Report
      Japanese Depreciable Assets Tax Reports
Transaction History Report
      Transaction Types
Additions Reports
      Additions by Date Placed in Service Report
      Additions by Period Report
      Additions by Responsibility Report
      Additions by Source Report
      Annual Additions Report
      Asset Additions by Cost Center Report
      Asset Additions Report
      Asset Additions Responsibility Report
      Conversion Assets Report
Mass Additions Reports
      Delete Mass Additions Preview Report
      Mass Additions Delete Report
      Mass Additions Create Report
      Mass Additions Invoice Merge and Split Reports
      Mass Additions Posting Report
      Mass Additions Purge Report
      Mass Additions Report
      Mass Additions Status Report
      Unposted Mass Additions Report
Adjustments Reports
      Cost Adjustments by Source Report
      Cost Adjustments Report
      Cost Adjustments Report (Variable Format)
      Financial Adjustments Report
      Parent Asset Transactions Report
Transfers Reports
      Asset Transfers Report
      Asset Transfer Reconciliation Report
      Asset Disposals Responsibility Report
      Transfers Report
Reclassification Reports
      Asset Reclassification Report
      Asset Reclassification Reconciliation Report
      Reclassifications Report
Retirements Reports
      Asset Retirements by Cost Center Report
      Asset Retirements Report
      Reinstated Assets Report
      Retirements Report
Mass Transaction Reports
      Mass Change Preview and Review Reports
      Mass Change Preview and Review Reports (Variable Format)
      Mass Transfers Preview Report
      Mass Retirements Report
      Mass Revaluation Preview and Review Reports
      Mass Reclassification Preview and Review Reports
Country-Specific Reports

Group Depreciation

Group Depreciation
      Group Asset
Create Group and Member Assets
      Set Up Group Assets in Book Controls
      Create Group Assets Using Detail Additions
      Create Group Assets Using QuickAdditions
      Find a Group Asset in the Asset Workbench
      Group and Member Asset Rules
      Disabling Group Assets
Assigning Member Assets to a Group Asset
Transactions: Adding Member Asset Cost
      Current Period Member Asset Addition
      Prior Period Member Asset Addition
      CIP Member Asset
      CIP Member Asset Depreciation
Transactions: Member Asset Cost Adjustment
      Current Period Member Asset Cost Adjustment
      Prior Period Member Asset Cost Adjustment
      Prior Period Member Asset Cost Adjustment - Flat Rate Method
Transactions: Group Adjustment
      Adjustment for Changing Group Asset Depreciation Rules
      Change Group Asset Depreciation Method
      Life Changed with Straight Line Method
      Method Changed From Flat Rate to Straight Line
      Changing Group Asset Salvage Value
      Group Assets Adjustment
      Super Groups
      Set Up Super Groups
Transactions: Group Reclassification
      Transfer Types - Calculate and Enter
      Transfer Type - Enter
Transactions: Retirements
      Do Not Recognize Gain and Loss
      Recognize Gain and Loss Immediately When Retired
      Terminal Gain and Loss: Retiring the Last Asset in Group Asset
Member Asset Tracking
      Tracking Depreciation of Member Assets
      Group Depreciation Enabled Reports
      Group Depreciation Restrictions
Mass Property
      Creating Mass Property Assets
Energy Assets
      Energy Assets Overview
      Hierarchy Structure
      Auto Create Assets
      Impairment Expenses
      Authority For Expenditures Reclass

Online Inquiries

Viewing Assets
Viewing MRC Details for a Transaction
Performing a Transaction History Inquiry
Viewing Accounting Lines
      Viewing Accounting for Non-Upgraded Data
Drilling Down to Oracle Assets from Oracle General Ledger

Oracle Assets Menu Paths

Oracle Assets Navigation Paths

Oracle Assets Profile Options and Profile Option Categories

Profile Options and Profile Option Categories Overview
Profile Option Category and Profile Options Descriptions
      Account Generation Category
      Archive and Purge Category
      Concurrent Processing Category
      Debug Category
      Depreciation Category
      Desktop Integration Category
      Payables Integration Category
      Performance Category
      Security Category
      Setup Category

Oracle Assets Function Security

Function Security in Oracle Assets

Setting Up Business Events in Oracle Assets

Business Event System Seed Data for Oracle Assets

Oracle Assets Report Extracts

Oracle Assets Tax Accounting Card Extract
Oracle Assets Reserve Ledger Extract
Oracle Assets CIP Statistics Extract
Oracle Assets Retirement Tax Register Extract
Oracle Assets Tofes Yud Alef Extract
Oracle Assets Depreciation Summary Tax Extract

Oracle Assets Common APIs

Common Structures

Oracle Assets Additions API

Additions API Description
Sample Script: Using the Additions API via Invoices
Sample Script: Using the Additions API with No Invoices
Sample Script: Using the Additions API via Invoices with Alternative Ledger Currency

Oracle Assets Adjustments API

Adjustments API Description
Adjustment API Usage
      Cost Adjustments
      Calling the Adjustment API without Invoice Information
      Calling the Adjustment API with Invoice Information
      Calling the Adjustment API for a Group Reclassification
Sample Script: Using the Adjustment API without Invoice Information
Sample Script: Using the Adjustment API with Invoice Information
Sample Script: Using the Adjustment API with Invoice Information with Alternative Ledger Currency

Oracle Assets Asset Description API

Asset Description API Definition
Sample Script: Using the Asset Description API

Oracle Assets CIP Capitalization and Reversal API

CIP Capitalization API Description
CIP Reversal API Description
Standard Types Used For Capitalizations and Reversals
Sample Script: Using the CIP Capitalization API
Sample Script: Using the CIP Reversal API

Oracle Assets Common Invoice Transfer API

Common Invoice Transfer API Description
Sample Script: Using the Invoice Transfer API

Oracle Assets Deletion API

Deletion API Description
Sample Script: Using the Deletion API

Oracle Assets Invoice Description API

Invoice Description API Definition
Sample Script: Using the Invoice Description API

Oracle Assets Reclass API

Reclass API Description
Sample Script: Using the Reclass API

Oracle Assets Reserve Transfer API

Reserve Transfer API Description
Sample Script: Using the Reserve Transfer API

Oracle Assets Retirement Adjustment API

Retirement Adjustment API Description
Sample Script: Using the Retirement Adjustment API

Oracle Assets Retirement Details API

Retirement Details API Description
Sample Script: Using the Retirement Details API

Oracle Assets Retirements and Reinstatements API

      Retirement API Description
      Undo Retirement API Description
      Reinstatement API Description
      Undo Reinstatement API Description
Sample Scripts for Retirement, Reinstatement and Undo Transaction
      Sample Script: Full Retirement
      Sample Script: Partial Unit Retirement
      Sample Script: Reinstatement
      Sample Script: Undo Retirement
      Sample Script: Undo Reinstatement

Oracle Assets Revalutions API

Revalutions API Description
Sample Script: Using the Revaluation API

Oracle Assets Rollback Depreciation API

Rollback Depreciation API Description
Sample Script: Using the Depreciation Rollback API

Oracle Assets Tax Reserve Adjustment API

Tax Reserve Adjustment API Description
Sample Script: Using the Tax Reserve Adjustment API

Oracle Assets Transfers API

Transfers API Description
Transfer API Usage
Sample Script: Using the Transfer API to Transfer Units

Oracle Assets Unit Adjustments API

Shared Framework
Unit Adjustment API Description
Sample Script: Using the Unit Adjustment API

Oracle Assets Unplanned Depreciation API

Unplanned Depreciation API Description
Sample Script: Using the Unplanned Deprecation API