Oracle Quality User's Guide


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Overview of Oracle Quality

Introduction to Quality Management
Overview of Oracle Quality
Track and Monitor Quality Results
Analyze Product Defects Using Charts and Reports
Identify Nonconformances and Implement Corrective Actions
Audit Your Quality Management System
Quality Business Flow Diagram
Quality Process Flow Diagram

Setting Up

Related Product Setup Steps
System Administrator Setup
Alert Setup for Quality
Security Functions
Other Products Setup
Device Integration Setup
Quality Setup Considerations
Profile Options

Collection Elements

Overview of Collection Elements
Collection Element Types
Predefined Collection Elements
      Reference Information and Context Collection Elements
      Quality Specific Collection Elements
      Reserved Words
Defining Collection Elements
Defining Collection Element Specification Limits
Collection Element Values
Defining Collection Element Values
Quality Actions
      Types of Actions
      Action Rules and Invoked Actions
      Action Details
      Action Rule Sequencing
Defining Collection Element Actions
Defining Collection Element Alert Actions
Defining a Launch a Workflow Action
Associating Output Variables with Actions
Viewing Collection Elements


Overview of Specifications
Specification Types
Specification Collection Elements
Defining Specifications
Defining Specification Collection Elements

Collection Plans

Overview of Collection Plans
      Quality Data Collection Structure
Collection Plan Types
Collection Plan and Import Results Database Views
Collection Elements in Collection Plans
Creating Collection Plans
Defining Collection Plan Elements
Defining Collection Plan Element Values
Associating Specification Types with Collection Plans
Dependencies Between Context Elements and Actions
Defining Collection Plan Element Actions
Defining Collection Plan Element Alert Actions
User-Defined Formulas
Defining Assign A Value Actions: User-Defined Formulas
Business Examples: User-Defined Formulas
Quality Data Collection During Transactions
      Collection Triggers
      Context Element/Collection Trigger Relationships
Associating Collection Plans with Transactions
Updating and Deleting Collection Plans
Viewing Collection Plans
Parent-Child Collection Plans
Collection Plan Security

Data Collection

Overview of Data Collection
Data Collection Fundamentals
Transactional Data Collection Fundamentals
Entering Quality Results Directly
Finding Specifications While Entering Results Directly
Results Entry Folders
Viewing Attachments Associated with Quality Results
Action Processing
Updating and Deleting Quality Results
Posting Action Log Entries
Specifications for Transactional Data Collection
Collection Import
Updating Collection Import Records

Quality Workbench

Overview of the Quality Workbench
Data Collection Using the Quality Workbench
Nonconformance Management
Corrective Action Management
Finding Skip Lot Inspections

Manage Supplier Quality

Supplier Quality Collection Points
Quality Data Collection in Oracle Purchasing
Collection Plans for Receiving Inspections
Collection Plans for Receiving Transfers and Deliveries
Entering Quality Results: Receiving Transfers and Deliveries
Entering Quality Results for Receiving Inspections
Oracle Purchasing Business Example
Setting Up Oracle Quality for Use with iSupplier Portal
Entering and Viewing Supplier Quality Results in iSupplier Portal
Performing Skip Lot Inspections
Performing Inspection Sampling

Manage Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Quality Collection Points
Collection Plans for Managing Manufacturing Quality
Quality Data Collection in Work in Process and Shop Floor Management
Inline Quality in Manufacturing Execution System
Setting up Quality Data Collection
Work in Process Business Examples
      Defect Code Pareto Analysis
      Yield and Quality Cost Reporting
      Process Capability Study
Quality Data Collection in Project Contracts
Quality Data Collection in Oracle Process Manufacturing

Manage Order Fulfillment Quality

Viewing Quality Results Using the Order Information Portal

Manage Customer Service Quality

Customer Service Quality Collection Points
Quality Data Collection in Oracle TeleService
Oracle TeleService Business Example
Quality Data Collection in Oracle Depot Repair
Oracle Depot Repair Business Example

Manage Material Quality

Integration With Oracle Mobile Warehouse Management

Manage Regulatory Compliance

21 CFR Part 11 Overview
E-records and E-signatures for Oracle Quality
Viewing Oracle E-Records and E-Signatures

Charts, Views, and Custom Reports

Quality Results Analysis
Copy Settings Function
Copying Settings
Functional Grouping and Processing
Quality Results Folders
Pareto Charts
Trend Charts
Control Charts
Cp and Cpk Indexes
Viewing Descriptive Statistics
Viewing Quality Results
Viewing Quality Results Details
Entering, Updating, or Viewing Related Child Quality Results
Viewing Quality Results by Lot Number
Viewing Quality Results by Serial Number
Using the Quality Results ReportWriter
Viewing and Deleting Action Log Entries
Exporting Quality Results

Reports and Processes

Overview of Reports
Collection Element Action Rules Report
Collection Element Usages Report
Collection Elements Report
Collection Plan Action Rules Report
Collection Plan Details Report
Collection Plan Summary Report
Manage Collection Element Indexes Process
Quality Results Report
Quality Specifications Report
Sequence Element Audit Report
Collection Plan Transactions Report
Quality to AK Plan Mapper
Quality Shipping ERES Collector

ISO 9000 Compliance

ISO 9000 Compliance

Windows and Navigator Paths

Quality Windows and Navigator Paths


Attachments for Collection Plans, Specifications, Result Lines
Attaching Collection Plans, Specifications, Results Lines

Results Queries

Finding Quality Results
Query Operators
Creating In and Not In Lists

Tools Menu Options

Tools menu

Context and Reference Information Collection Elements

Context and Reference Information Collection Elements

Pre-Seeded Collection Plan Templates

Pre-Seeded Collection Plan Templates