Oracle Process Manufacturing Cost Management User's Guide


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OPM Cost Development Area
Cost Management Process Flow
Defining Costs
Establishing Standard Costing
Establishing Actual Costing
Establishing Lot Costing
Valuing Inventory and Resource Transactions
Monitoring and Simulating Costs

Setting Up

Setting Up in Other Applications
Setting Profile Options
Understanding Cost Types
      Standard Costing
      Actual Costing
      Lot Cost Type
Defining Cost Types
Defining Cost Calendars
Assigning Calendar to Legal Entity
Setting the Period Status
Defining Component Groups
Defining Cost Component Classes
Defining Cost Analysis Codes
Defining Costing Organization Associations
Defining Fiscal Policies
Defining Event Fiscal Policies
Assigning Ledgers
Defining Percentage Overhead Codes
Defining Overhead Priorities
Defining Overhead Percentage
Defining Source and Target Variable Overhead Components Associations
Defining Cost Factors
Defining Resource Costs
Defining Fixed Overheads

Using Standard Costing

Understanding Standard Cost
Factors Affecting Standard Costs
Defining Standard Item Costs
Defining Recipe, Routings, and Formulas
Defining Resources and Resource Costs
Defining Rollup Source Organizations
Running Standard Cost Rollup
Cost Rollup Error Messages
Viewing Standard Costs
Viewing Overhead Details
Viewing Routing Costs
Viewing Formula Costs
Viewing Item Costs
Item Cost List Window

Using Actual Costing

Understanding Actual Costing
Actual Cost Calculation Methods
Describing Transactions in Actual Costs
      Transactions Impacting Raw Material Costs
      Transactions Impacting Product Costs
Calculating PMAC Cost with Circular References
Setting Up Expense Allocations
Defining Allocation Codes
Defining Allocation Basis
Defining Expenses to Allocate
Using Material Cost Component Classes
Defining Adjustment Reason Codes
Processing Cost Allocations
Running the Actual Cost Process
Viewing the Actual Cost Process
Viewing Actual Cost Error Messages
Aborting or Resetting the Actual Cost Process
Viewing Actual Cost Transactions
Viewing Item Cost List
Item Cost List Window
Viewing Overhead Details
Viewing Routing Costs
Using Actual Cost Adjustments
Zero Activity/Quantity Adjustments in Actual Costing

Using Lot Costing

Understanding Lot Costing
Transactions Affecting Lot Cost
Setting Up Lot Cost Items
Defining Lot Cost Overheads
Running the Lot Cost Process
Viewing the Lot Cost Details
Using Lot Cost Adjustments
Lot Costing Examples

OPM - Landed Cost Management Integration

Understanding OPM - Landed Cost Management Integration
Using LCM as a Pre-Receiving Application
Using LCM as a Service
Running the Landed Cost Adjustments Import Process

Copying Costs

Copying Item Costs
Copying Costs Examples
Copying Resource Costs
Copying Fixed Overheads
Copying Overhead Percentage
Copy Source Organizations

Period-End Cost Processing

Running Cost Update
Viewing Cost Update Results
Viewing Cost Update Errors
Aborting or Resetting the Cost Update Process
Adding or Modifying Expense Allocation Costing Data
Standard Cost Period-End Processing
      Run Cost Rollup
      Run Preliminary Update
      Close Inventory Calendar Period
      Run Final Cost Update
Actual Cost Period-End Processing
      Close Inventory Calendar Period
      Calculate Actual Costs
      Run Preliminary Update
      Run Final Cost Update
Lot Cost Period-End Processing
      Lot Cost Period-End Processing Flow

Cost Management Reports

Item Cost Detail Report
Costed Indented Bill of Materials Report
Actual Cost Adjustments
GL Expense Allocation Definition
GL Expense Allocation Detail Report
Cost Organization Association Report
GL Item Cost Detail Report
Inventory Valuation Report
Batch Yield Variance Report
Material Usage and Substitution Variance Report
OPM Lot Cost Detail Report
OPM Lot Cost History Report
Running the Detailed Subledger Report

Accounting Setup

Subledger Accounting
Application Accounting Definition Hierarchy
Multiple Subledger Accounting Valuation for a Transaction
OPM Costing - SLA Accounting Data

Accounting Processes and Distributions

Running the OPM Accounting Preprocessor
Viewing the Accounting Preprocessor Results
SLA Accounting Processes
Viewing Accounting Events Journal Entries
Subledger Account Distribution
Business Rules for Distributions
Oracle Inventory Distributions
OPM Costing Distribution
Production Distribution
Oracle Order Management Distribution for Process Organization
Oracle Purchasing Distribution for Process Organization
Enhanced Drop Shipments and Global Procurement

Navigator Paths

Oracle Process Manufacturing Cost Management Navigator Paths