Oracle Engineering User's Guide


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Setting Up

Setup Overview
Setup Flowchart and Checklist
Setup Prerequisites
Setup Steps
Defining ECO Types
Defining ECO Autonumbering
Defining ECO Priorities
Defining ECO Reasons
Defining ECO Approval Lists
Defining Material Dispositions
Starting the AutoImplement Manager
Engineering Profile Options and Security Functions
Profile Option Settings
Profile Options

Engineering Change Orders

Overview of Engineering Change Orders
User Profile Options
ECO Departments
Transfer or Copy from within an ECO
ECO Life Cycle
ECO Approvals
Customizing the Standard Approval Process
The ECO Approval Item Type
Summary of the ECO Approval Process
ECO Approval Process Activities
Defining Engineering Change Orders
Creating an ECO
Viewing ECO Approval Status
Rescheduling an ECO or Revised Items
Changing the ECO Status
Defining Implementation Costs
Defining an ECO Revision
Defining ECO Revised Items
Viewing ECO Schedule History
Viewing Item Revisions
Viewing Routing Revisions
Defining Revised Operations
Defining Revised Resources
Defining Revised Components
Assigning or Deleting Substitute Components
Assigning Reference Designators
Attaching Files to ECOs
Transfer to Manufacturing from an ECO
Copy to Manufacturing from an ECO
Mass Changing ECOs
Implementing ECOs
Automatic Implementation
Cancelling ECOs and Revised Items
Viewing ECO Schedules
Use Up ECOs
MRP Planning for ECOs
Unreleased Item Revisions in Oracle Work in Process
Implementation of ECOs on Jobs and Schedules
Purging ECOs
Engineering Change Orders Field Reference

Engineering Prototypes

Overview of Engineering Prototype Environment
ECOs on Engineering Items and Bills
Transferring or Copying Engineering Items, Bills, and Routings


Engineering Change Order Approval Lists Report
Engineering Change Order Detail Report
Engineering Change Order Priorities Report
Engineering Change Order Reasons Report
Engineering Change Order Schedule Report
Engineering Change Order Types Report

Engineering Windows and Navigator Paths

Engineering Windows and Navigator Paths
Oracle Engineering Character Mode Forms and Corresponding GUI Windows

Engineering Alerts

Engineering Alerts

Engineering Tools Menu

Engineering Tools menu

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

21 CFR Part 11 Overview
E-records and E-signatures for Oracle Engineering
Viewing Oracle E-Records and E-Signatures