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Oracle Knowledge Management User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E18040-01
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Oracle Knowledge Management User's Guide


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Getting Started

This part contains the following chapters:


Key Features


About Accessing Oracle Knowledge Management
      Roles, Responsibilities, Permission, and Access
      Access for External Users
      Access for Internal Users
Summary of Tasks

Agent Flows and Administration

This part contains the following chapters:

Managing Search

About Managing Search
      Solution Overview
      Searching Functionality Overview
      About Sorting Search Results
Using Simple Search--Agent
      About Simple Search Results
      About Categories
      Browse Categories
      About Forum Messages
About Solution Details
      About Accessing Solution Details
      Features on the Solution Details Page
      View Related Solutions
Using Advanced Solution Search--Agent
      About Advanced Solution Search
      Search for Solutions Using Advanced Solution Search
      About the Matching Statements Page
      About the Related Statements Page
      About Advanced Solution Search Results
Working with Statements
      Search for Statements
      Edit Statements
      View Statement Detail Page
Set Up Definitions for Frequently Used Solutions
About Index Synchronization
About Searching with Integrated Modules--Agent Flows
      About Searching from Integrated Modules--Agent Flows
      About the Apply Task Group Template Page

Managing Solutions

About Managing Solutions
      Other Solution Information
      About Solution Life Cycles
Create a Solution
Submit a Solution for Reviews and Updates
      Preview Solution for Submission
      About Authoring Flows
      Specify Authoring Flows
      Specify Authoring Step
      Set Up Subscriptions
      Update a Solution
      Review or Add Solution Comments
Working with Solutions in Progress
      About the Solutions in Progress Page
      View Solutions in Progress
      Search Solutions in Progress
Set Up Recommended Solutions
Set Up Note Token Rules or AutoLinks

Customer Flows

This part contains the following chapter:

Managing Search--Customer Flow

Using Basic Search--Customer
      Browse Categories--Customer
Using Solution Advanced Search--Customer
      Solution Advanced Search Criteria and Conditions
      Perform Solution Advanced Search
About Solution Details--Customer
About Searching with Integrated Products--Customer Flows

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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