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Oracle Demantra Security Guide
Release 12.2
Part Number E24296-03
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Oracle Demantra Security Guide


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General Security Principles

Keeping software up-to-date
Restricting access to critical services
Data Security
Changing Worksheet Access
Redirecting Demantra to a Different Database
Following the principle of least privilege
Monitoring system activity
Keeping security information up-to-date

Configuring Security During Installation

Setting Component Security
Creating or Modifying a Component
Deleting a Component
Configuring the Security Provider
Running SYS_GRANTS.SQL Script
Configuring Web Applications for SSL and Firewalls

Configuring Security Post-installation

      How the User Interfaces Can Be Configured
      Other Security Features
Logging onto the Collaborator Workbench Administrator
Providing Access to the Workflow Editor
Dropdown Security
Controlling Access to Series
Feature Security
Program Groups
Defining a Program Group
Redefining a Program Group
Deleting a Program Group
Configuration Notes
Specifying Permissions for Menu Items

Other Security Features

Managing Users
Creating or Modifying a User
Copying a User
Deleting a User
Creating or Modifying a User Group
Deleting a Group
Logging Out Users
Changing Your Password
Password Policy
Mutual Authentication
Logging Messages of the Application Server
Viewing the Workflow Process Log
Specifying Content Pane Security
Checking the Log Files and Tables

Security Checklist