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Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Administration Guide
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Document Information


1.  Overview of GlassFish Server Administration

Default Settings and Locations

Configuration Tasks

Initial Configuration Tasks

How Dotted Names Work for Configuration

Configuration Files

Impact of Configuration Changes

To Determine Whether the DAS or an Instance Requires Restart

Configuration Changes That Require Restart

Dynamic Configuration Changes

Changes That Affect Applications

Administration Tools

Administration Console

asadmin Utility

REST Interfaces

Update Tool

keytool Utility

Java Monitoring and Management Console (JConsole)

Instructions for Administering GlassFish Server

Part I Runtime Administration

2.  General Administration

3.  Administering Domains

4.  Administering the Virtual Machine for the Java Platform

5.  Administering Thread Pools

6.  Administering Web Applications

7.  Administering the Logging Service

8.  Administering the Monitoring Service

9.  Writing and Running JavaScript Clients to Monitor GlassFish Server

10.  Administering Life Cycle Modules

11.  Extending and Updating GlassFish Server

Part II Resources and Services Administration

12.  Administering Database Connectivity

13.  Administering EIS Connectivity

14.  Administering Internet Connectivity

15.  Administering the Object Request Broker (ORB)

16.  Administering the JavaMail Service

17.  Administering the Java Message Service (JMS)

18.  Administering the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) Service

19.  Administering Transactions

Part III Appendixes

A.  Subcommands for the asadmin Utility


Instructions for Administering GlassFish Server

Information and instructions on performing most of the administration tasks from the command line are provided in this document and in the asadmin utility help pages. For instructions on accessing asadmin online help, see To Display Help Information for the asadmin Utility or a Subcommand).

Information and instructions for accomplishing the tasks by using the Administration Console are contained in the Administration Console online help.

Note - Instructions written for the GlassFish Server tools use standard UNIX® forward slashes (/) for directory path separators in commands and file names. If you are running GlassFish Server on a Microsoft Windows system, use backslashes (\) instead. For example:

The following additional documents address specific administration areas: