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Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Application Development Guide
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Part I Development Tasks and Tools

1.  Setting Up a Development Environment

2.  Class Loaders

3.  Debugging Applications

Part II Developing Applications and Application Components

4.  Securing Applications

5.  Developing Web Services

6.  Using the Java Persistence API

7.  Developing Web Applications

8.  Using Enterprise JavaBeans Technology

9.  Using Container-Managed Persistence

10.  Developing Java Clients

11.  Developing Connectors

12.  Developing Lifecycle Listeners

13.  Developing OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications

Part III Using Services and APIs

14.  Using the JDBC API for Database Access

15.  Using the Transaction Service

16.  Using the Java Naming and Directory Interface

17.  Using the Java Message Service

18.  Using the JavaMail API


Numbers and Symbols


























cache for servlets
default configuration, index iconDefault Cache Configuration
example configuration, index iconCaching Example
helper class
index iconCaching Features
index iconThe CacheKeyGenerator Interface
cache sharing and @OrderBy, index iconUsing @OrderBy with a Shared Session Cache
cache tag, index iconThe cache Tag
CacheHelper interface, index iconThe CacheKeyGenerator Interface
cacheKeyGeneratorAttrName property, index iconThe CacheKeyGenerator Interface
a bean's state using version consistency, index iconVersion Column Consistency Checking
data using a non-transactional connection, index iconUsing Non-Transactional Connections
EJB components, index iconPooling and Caching
entities, index iconCommit Options
JSP files, index iconJSP Caching
read-only beans, index iconRead-Only Bean Characteristics and Life Cycle
servlet results, index iconCaching Servlet Results
stateful session beans, index iconStateful Container
using a read-only bean for
index iconRead-Only Beans
index iconRefreshing Programmatically
index iconRead-Only Beans
capture-schema command, index iconUsing the capture-schema Utility
Catalina listeners, defining custom, index iconConfiguring Valves and Catalina Listeners
certificate realm, index iconSupported Realms
CGI, index iconUsing CGI
checkpoint-at-end-of-method element, index iconSpecifying Methods to Be Checkpointed
checkpointing, index iconStateful Session Bean Failover
selecting methods for, index iconSpecifying Methods to Be Checkpointed
class-loader element
index iconDelegation
index iconClass Loader Delegation
class loaders, index iconClass Loaders
application-specific, index iconApplication-Specific Class Loading
circumventing isolation, index iconCircumventing Class Loader Isolation
delegation hierarchy, index iconThe Class Loader Hierarchy
isolation, index iconClass Loader Universes
client JAR file
index iconPackaging the Client JAR for One Application in Another Application
index iconApplication Client JAR File
client.policy file, index iconThe client.policy File
clients, non-ACC, index iconDeveloping Clients Without the ACC
CLOB support, index iconCLOB Support
CMP, See container-managed persistence
cmp-resource element, index iconConfiguring the CMP Resource
cmt-max-runtime-exceptions property, index iconThe onMessage Runtime Exception
Coherence*Web, index iconThe coherence-web Persistence Type
Comet, index iconUsing Comet
Cometd, index iconBayeux Protocol
command-line server configuration, See asadmin command
commit options, index iconCommit Options
Common class loader, index iconThe Class Loader Hierarchy
using to circumvent isolation, index iconUsing the Common Class Loader
common gateway interface, index iconUsing CGI
compiling JSP files, index iconOptions for Compiling JSP Files
ConfigurableTransactionSupport interface, index iconUsing the ConfigurableTransactionSupport Interface
connection factory, index iconConnection Factory and Destination
Connector class loader
index iconThe Class Loader Hierarchy
index iconConsiderations for Lifecycle Modules
connectors, index iconDeveloping Connectors
and JDBC, index iconConnector Architecture for JMS and JDBC
and JMS, index iconConnector Architecture for JMS and JDBC
and message-driven beans, index iconConfiguring a Message Driven Bean to Use a Resource Adapter
application-scoped, index iconUsing Application-Scoped Connectors
class loading policy, index iconSpecifying the Class Loading Policy
configuration options, index iconAdvanced Connector Configuration Options
configuring, index iconConnector Configuration
flushing connection pools, index iconFlushing a Connector Connection Pool
inbound connectivity, index iconInbound Communication Support
invalid connections, index iconHandling Invalid Connections
last agent optimization, index iconUsing Last Agent Optimization of Transactions
Oracle GlassFish Server support, index iconConnector Support in the GlassFish Server
outbound connectivity, index iconOutbound Communication Support
shutdown timeout, index iconSetting the Shutdown Timeout
testing connection pools, index iconTesting a Connector Connection Pool
thread associations, index iconThread Associations
container-managed persistence
configuring 1.1 finders, index iconAbout JDOQL Queries
data types for mapping, index iconSupported Data Types for CMP
deployment descriptor, index iconThe Mapping Deployment Descriptor File
mapping, index iconMapping Capabilities
performance features, index iconPerformance-Related Features
prefetching, index iconRelationship Prefetching
resource manager, index iconConfiguring the CMP Resource
restrictions, index iconCMP Restrictions and Optimizations
support, index iconGlassFish Server Support for CMP
version consistency, index iconVersion Column Consistency Checking
context, for JNDI naming, index iconAccessing the Naming Context
context.xml file, index iconUsing a context.xml File
CosNaming naming service, index iconAccessing EJB Components Using the CosNaming Naming Context
create-audit-module command, index iconConfiguring an Audit Module
create-auth-realm command, index iconHow to Configure a Realm
create-connector-connection-pool command
--ping option, index iconTesting a Connector Connection Pool
--pooling option, index iconDisabling Pooling for a Connection
create-connector-security-map command, index iconSecurity Maps
create-custom-resource command, index iconCustom Resources
create-domain command, index iconSigning JAR Files Used in Java Web Start
create-javamail-resource command, index iconCreating a JavaMail Session
create-jdbc-connection-pool command
--allownoncomponentcallers option, index iconAllowing Non-Component Callers
--associatewiththread option, index iconAssociating Connections with Threads
--initsql option, index iconUsing an Initialization Statement
--isconnectionvalidatereq option, index iconCustom Connection Validation
--isisolationguaranteed option, index iconUsing JDBC Transaction Isolation Levels
--isolationlevel option, index iconUsing JDBC Transaction Isolation Levels
--nontransactionalconnections option, index iconUsing Non-Transactional Connections
--pooling option, index iconDisabling Pooling
--sqltracelisteners option, index iconStatement Tracing
--statementcachesize option, index iconStatement Caching
--statementtimeout option, index iconSetting a Statement Timeout
--validationclassname option, index iconCustom Connection Validation
--validationmethod option, index iconCustom Connection Validation
--wrapjdbcobjects option, index iconWrapping Connections
create-jndi-resource command, index iconExternal JNDI Resources
create-jvm-options command
index iconRefreshing Periodically
index iconDefault Fetch Group Flags option, index iconChanging Permissions for an Application
create-message-security-provider command
index iconMessage Security Providers
index iconConfiguring a Server Authentication Module
create-resource-adapter-config command
index iconThread Associations
index iconOverriding Configuration Properties
create-threadpool command, index iconThread Associations
custom resource, index iconCustom Resources
factory for, index iconBuilt-in Factories for Custom Resources