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Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Performance Tuning Guide
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Document Information


1.  Overview of GlassFish Server Performance Tuning

2.  Tuning Your Application

3.  Tuning the GlassFish Server

4.  Tuning the Java Runtime System

Java Virtual Machine Settings

Start Options

Tuning High Availability Persistence

Managing Memory and Garbage Collection

Tuning the Garbage Collector

Choosing the Garbage Collection Algorithm

Additional Information

Tracing Garbage Collection

Other Garbage Collector Settings

Setting the Maximum Permanent Generation

Disabling Explicit Garbage Collection

Setting the Frequency of Full Garbage Collection

Tuning the Java Heap

Guidelines for Java Heap Sizing

Heap Tuning Parameters

Survivor Ratio Sizing

Rebasing DLLs on Windows

To rebase the GlassFish Server's DLLs

Further Information

5.  Tuning the Operating System and Platform


Java Virtual Machine Settings

Java SE 6.0 provides two implementations of the HotSpot Java virtual machine (JVM):

By default, the GlassFish Server uses the JVM setting appropriate to the purpose:

You can override the default JVM options by following the instructions in Administering JVM Options in Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1 Administration Guide. If using the Administration Console, navigate to the Configurations->configuration-name->JVM Settings node, and then click the JVM Options tab. Refer to the online help for complete information about the settings on this page.

For more information on server-class machine detection in Java SE 6.0, see Server-Class Machine Detection.

For more information on JVMs, see JavaTM Virtual Machines.