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Sun Blade X6450 Server Module Product Notes




1. Introduction

Supported Browsers

CRUs and FRUs

Firmware Versions

Documentation Errata

Tools and Drivers CD Image is Too Large for a CD

2. BIOS Issues

Checksum Error Message Appears when Updating BIOS and ELOM Firmware (6629176)

PCIe Express Module Option ROM is Disabled by Default (6606356)

3. Hardware Issues

Fans Run In High Speed Mode

ILOM Might Report DIMM Errors Incorrectly

Revision 2 Motherboard Supports LV FBDIMMs.

Dongle Cable Connection

Hot-plug of the PCIe Express Module X7284A-Z Does Not Work Reliably (6687123)

Hot Plug X1108A-Z Does Not Work (6818703)

Hot Plugging PCIe EM Cards Can Cause 10 GbE Ports to be Unavailable

4. Software Issues

Delay Before Server Can Be Powered On After Software Upgrade (6893973)

PCCheck Cannot Run Multiple Times (6875913)

SUSE Linux With CF Card Reports HD Errors

Creating SSH Key During Upgrade to SW3.0 Takes Awhile

Solaris x86 X-Server Fails To Start

Windows 2003 LAN Issue

Server Modules Equipped with Additional Memory Take Longer to Run POST

VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5 u2 Health Status is Sometimes Reported Inconsistently

VMware ESX 3.5 Process Uses 100% of Core

Arrow Keys Do Not Work When Using RKVM on SunRay

Keyboard Alt Key Appears Stuck in RKVM on RHEL4 and ESX 3.5 u2

When Installing Windows OS Use the Drivers on the Tools and Drivers DVD Exclusively

With Solaris 10 8/07, Oracle Floating Point Processes can Generate Unexpected SIGFPE Signals and Exit

Pc-Check Test User Pattern Test Does Not Finish

RHEL 5.0 Panics During Boot With More Than 64 GB Memory

Flood of Interrupts with VMware ESX 3.5

Solaris OS Will not Install on 1 TByte RAID

Reduced Network Performance With Solaris 10 5/08

x86: i86_mwait Function Does Not Function as Designed (6736444)

Ctrl+Alt+Delete Does not Work for SLES10 SP1

5. SIA Issues

Installing Windows 2003 on Compact Flash with SIA Is Not Supported

Installing Windows 2003 on External Storage Using an Emulex PCI EM Card Not Supported

Problem With Installing Linux on External Storage if a Compact Flash is in the Server Blade

Problem Using Monitor When Installing SLES 10

Configuration During Red Hat 4.7 Installation

SIA Does Not Install Tools During Post Install (Windows 2008 32/64 Bit)

Installation from Network Location Fails (Windows 2008 32/64 Bit)

Sun Dual 10GbE FEM Driver Not Installed (SLES 10 SP1)

System BIOS and ILOM Upgrade With Inband Interface Doesn’t Work (CR 6893972)

SP Recovery Feature Is Not Functional (CR 6894003)

The Next Button on the System Information Page Doesn’t Work Correctly When Clicked Multiple Times (CR 6891807)

System Information Error - Can't Show the Storage Device Information of the CF Card (CR 6891791)

It Takes a Long Time to Enter the Next Step on Some Pages (CR 6890464)

6. Service Processor Issues

General Service Processor Issues

ILOM Does Not Recognize Message From BIOS Warning of Unsupported DIMM (6764365)

Floppy Image Does Not Appear During Redirection With RHEL Host (6828797)

Image Does Not Appear During Redirection of DVD from Solaris to RHEL (6876387)

CLI Command stop/SYS Does Not Work After Upgrade to SW3.0 (687471)

JavaRConsole Does Not Support Swedish or Finnish Keyboards (6781995 and 6824306)

JavaRconsole Does Not Support Swiss-French Keyboards (6753081)

‘Upgrade Succeeded’ Message Does Not Appear In Event Log (6875008)

Exiting BIOS while Preserving BIOS Options Causes JRC To Lose Connection (6878636)

Can Not Set Locate LED To Blink Using ipmitool (6876420)

Default User Can’t Login to SP When check_physical_presence Is True (6875869)

SEL Log Incorrectly Reports “Correctable ECC Logging Limit Reached” (6855049)

Delaying BIOS Upgrade During Firmware Update Can Corrupt BIOS (CR 6813514)

Command to Clear CMOS Doesn’t Work

Upgrading or Migrating From ELOM To ILOM 2.0 or ILOM 3.0

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Migrate from ELOM to ILOM 2.0

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Migrate from ELOM to ILOM 3.0

The Existing BIOS Version Is Incorrect When Migrating from ILOM 2.0 to ILOM 3.0

Simultaneous Firmare Update (Flash) Sessions Could Cause Both To Fail

Use the Video Connector When Migrating from ELOM to ILOM or from ILOM to ELOM

socflash ILOM Recovery Utility Might Fail in Some Circumstances (6743159)

Transition of ELOM to ILOM Does Not Work on Firefox 3.0.1

The Remote Console Session Times Out While a Storage Device is Mounted

CMM Service Processor Issues

Single-Sign On from the CMM to the Server Module ILOM Does Not Work (CR 6828014)

CMM Reports Chassis Serial Number in The Wrong Field in a Sun Blade 6000 Chassis (CR 6837867)

CMM Information Missing

CMM Shows X6450 Server Module with Hard Disk Drives

Incorrect Server Module Power Management Calculation Prevents Server Module From Powering On (6742133)

ELOM Service Processor Issues

Mouse Redirection in Remote Console May Not Be Optimal

CLI Path Changes With start /SYS Command

Chassis Fan Failure Is Not Logged in SEL As a Warning

Cannot Access Remote Console From ELOM Web GUI

Server Module BMC IP Address Can Be Set From BIOS

Server Module Fails to Boot Because Insufficient Power Capacity Is Available

ILOM Service Processor Issues

ILOM 3.0 Only Supports Five User Sessions

Unrecoverable Diskette Failure Message Appears in SEL Log After Upgrade to

False Hotplug Chassis Events in SEL Log (6742169)

SLES 9 Cannot Be Installed with RKVM In GUI Mode

Ignore Data-3 Portion of DIMM Error Message

Delay Before Green LED Responding to Power Button Push (6721024)

OK To Remove LED is OFF During Flash Upgrade

Resetting SP Root Password Using J23 Jumper Does Not Work (6742739)

Graceful Shutdown of Host OS Does Not Work With Some Operating Systems (6723745)

Green Power LED Works Differently with ILOM

Mouse Does Not Work During Remote Session (CR 6730145)