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Selecting a Boot Device

The boot device is specified by the setting of an OpenBoot configuration variable called boot-device. The default setting of this variable is disk net. Because of this setting, the firmware first attempts to boot from the system hard drive, and if that fails, from the on-board NET0 Gigabit Ethernet interface.

This appendix includes the following topic:

Connecting the Network Interface to the Network

To boot from a network, you must connect the network interface to the network.

This procedure assumes that you are familiar with the OpenBoot firmware and that you know how to enter the OpenBoot environment. For more information, see the Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000 Server Administration Guide.

procedure icon  To Connect the Network Interface to the Network

single-step bulletAt the ok prompt, type:

ok setenv boot-device device-specifier

where the device-specifier is one of the following:

Note - The Solaris OS modifies the boot-device variable to its full path name, not the alias name. If you choose a nondefault boot-device variable, the Solaris OS specifies the full device path of the boot device.

Note - You can specify the name of the program to be booted as well as the way the boot program operates. For more information, refer to the OpenBoot 4.x Command Reference Manual for your specific Solaris OS release.

If you want to specify a network interface other than an on-board Ethernet interface as the default boot device, you can determine the full path name of each interface by typing:

ok show-devs

The show-devs command lists the system devices and displays the full path name of each PCI device.