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Sun Javatrademark System Content Delivery Server Reference Manual






Part I Content Delivery Server Architecture

1. Overview



Catalog Manager

Vending Manager

Fulfillment Manager

Content Delivery Server Services


Administration Consoles

Accessing the Administration Consoles

User Roles

2. Catalog and Vending Managers

Catalog Manager Processes

Automated Content Validation

Content Management

Device Management

Account Management

Plan Management

Vending Manager Processes

Content Management

Account Management

Plan Management



3. Interaction With External Systems

Billing System Workflow

Subscriber Database Workflow

Content Delivery Server Database Workflow

Part II Content

4. General Content Information

Content Submission Types

Content Editions


Managing Previews

Subscriber Access

Device-Based Previews

PC-Based Previews

Streamed Content

Stocking Streamed Content

Stocking Editions of Streamed Content

Restocking Streamed Content

Custom Fields

Search Result Displays

Search Result Examples

Limiting the Search Results Display

Search Fields

Search Results for the Subscriber Portal

Sorting Content

Determining the Popularity Value of Content

5. Content Protection

Digital Rights Management

Content Without DRM Protection

Using CDS DRM Agents and CDS OMA Forward Lock

Using OMA DRM 1.0

OMA DRM 1.0 and Non-Compliant Devices

MIME Types for OMA DRM 1.0

Associating Content Types with DRMs

Enabling and Disabling a DRM

6. Pricing Content

Pricing Models

Correlation of DRM Types to Content Types and Pricing Models

Pricing Options

Changing the Pricing of Content

Pricing for Editions

Disassociating Content From Pricing Options

Part III Devices

7. Device Definition Files

Creating a Device Definition File

8. Device Capabilities

Descriptions of the Capabilities

System Capabilities

Mandatory Capabilities

Content Delivery Server-Specific Capabilities

Browser Capabilities

User Interface and Software Capabilities

Specifying a Capability Value

9. Device Specifications

Device Specifications

Sample Device Specifications

User-Defined Devices