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Welcome to Netscape Directory Server and the Internet. Netscape Communications Corporation is the premier provider of open software that lets people and companies exchange information and conduct commerce over enterprise networks and the Internet.

This Administrator's Guide documents the Netscape Directory Server and the Restricted Mode Directory Server, products that supply management and retrieval of corporate information.

Netscape Directory Server Restricted Mode
A version of the Netscape Directory Server is bundled with some systems. This server provides a restricted subset of features. You can purchase an upgrade to the full version of the server from Netscape. See "Netscape Directory Server 4.1 Overview" for information on the full-featured directory. The restricted directory server provides the following functionality:

Netscape Directory Server 4.1 Overview
In addition to the functionality delivered with the restricted mode of the Directory Server, the full version of Netscape Directory Server 4.0 provides the following:

Prerequisite Reading
This manual describes how to administer the directory server and its contents. This manual also describes how to administer the NT Synchronization Service. However, this manual does not describe many of the basic directory and architectural concepts that you need to successfully deploy, install, and administer your directory service. Those concepts are contained in the Netscape Directory Server Deployment Manual. You should read that book before continuing with this manual.

After you are familiar with directory server concepts and have done some preliminary planning for your directory service, you can install the Netscape Directory Server. The instructions for installing the various Directory Server components are contained in the Netscape Directory Server Installation Guide.

Also, Managing Servers with Netscape Console contains general background information on how to use Netscape servers. You should read and understand the concepts in that book before you attempt to administer the Netscape Directory Server.

What Is in This Book?
This manual explains how to administer the Netscape Directory Server and the NT Synchronization Service. Before you read this book, you should read the Netscape Directory Server Deployment Manual. That manual documents server concepts.

After configuring your server, use this manual to help maintain your server.

Conventions Used in This Book
This section explains the conventions used in this book.

Monospaced font—This typeface is used for any text that appears on the computer screen or text that you should type. It is also used for filenames, functions, and examples.

Note. Notes and Warnings mark important information. Make sure you read the information before continuing with a task.

|—The vertical bar is used as a separator for user interface elements. For example, Configuration|Logs means you should go to the Configuration tab on the Directory Server Console and then select the Logs icon.

Throughout this book you will see path references of the form


In these situations, <NSHOME> represents the directory where you installed the server, and <serverID> represents the server identifier you gave the server when you installed it. For example, if you installed your server in /export/ns-home and gave the server an identifier of phonebook, then the actual path would be

/export/ns-home/slapd-phonebook/. . .

Also, all paths specified in this manual are in Unix format. If you are using a Windows NT-based directory server, you should assume the NT equivalent file paths whenever Unix file paths are shown in this book.


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