Solstice Backup 5.1 Administration Guide

Installation Requirements

Before you enable the Backup archive program, make sure you have:

How to Evaluate Backup Archive

If you already have an authorized copy of Backup software, you must enter a special evaluation enabler to evaluate Backup Archive. The evaluation period is 45 days; Backup Archive stops functioning at the end of the evaluation period.

Follow the instructions listed under "How to Enable Backup Archive " to enter the special evaluation enabler code:

# nsrcap -v -c e76c69-a87b2c-3f8fbe

Caution - Caution -

You can only use this evaluation enabler code once per network, or it disables all the Backup servers (even for backup) that you enabled with it.

When you purchase Backup Archive, SunSoft or your Authorized Reseller sends a new enabler code that you can register and authorize for permanent use. To enter your new enabler code, delete the current Archive Support record (which includes the evaluation enabler code) in the Registration resource, then follow the instructions in "Enabling, Registering, and Authorizing Backup Archive".

Enabling, Registering, and Authorizing Backup Archive

The Backup distribution files include the Backup Archive software.

If you are evaluating Backup, the archive program is automatically enabled for a 30-day evaluation period. To continue to use the archive program after the evaluation period, you must purchase and enter the enabler code, as described, and register the product.

If you want to evaluate Backup Archive with an enabled Backup server, see the instructions in "How to Evaluate Backup Archive".

If you want to use Backup Archive indefinitely, you must follow the instructions explaining how to enable, register, and authorize Backup Archive.

How to Enable Backup Archive

  1. Purchase a Backup Archive enabler from SunSoft or a SunSoft Authorized Reseller.

    A certificate with your enabler is sent.

  2. After you receive the enabler certificate, become root on your Backup server.

  3. Issue the nwadmin command to start the GUI version of the Backup administration program.

  4. Open the Registration window.

  5. Click Create.

  6. Enter the enabler code.

  7. Click Apply.

  1. Register Backup Archive as soon as possible after you enable it.

    Backup Archive stops functioning if you do not register it within 45 days of entering the enabler.

How to Register Backup Archive

  1. In the Backup administration program, display the Server resource in tabular mode.

  2. Email the registration information to

    Alternately, you can fax the Product Registration Form to the Sun Licensing Center at 1-801-431-3657.

    After you send in your registration information, the Licensing Center sends you an authorization code.

How to Authorize Backup Archive

  1. In the Backup administration program, display the Registration resource.

  2. In the Registration resource, select Archive Support from the list.

  3. In the Auth Code attribute, enter the authorization code you received.

    See "How to Register and Authorize Your Software " for more information about how to enable and register Backup products.