FIGURE 1-1 small spaceFront Panel

FIGURE 1-2 small spaceBack Panel

FIGURE 1-3 small spaceSun Ultra 20 Workstation System Components

FIGURE 4-1 small spaceRemoving the Side Panel

FIGURE 4-2 small spaceReleasing the Bezel Tabs

FIGURE 4-3 small spaceRemoving the Bezel

FIGURE 4-4 small spaceSun Ultra 20 Workstation System Components

FIGURE 4-5 small spaceRemoving a Hard Drive

FIGURE 4-6 small spaceInstalling a Hard Drive

FIGURE 4-7 small spaceLocation of the SATA Backplane

FIGURE 4-8 small spaceRemoving the SATA Backplane

FIGURE 4-9 small spaceInstalling the SATA Backplane

FIGURE 4-10 small spaceRemoving the DVD Drive

FIGURE 4-11 small spaceInstalling the DVD Drive

FIGURE 4-12 small spaceLocation of Power and IDE Cables

FIGURE 4-13 small spaceDIMM Locations

FIGURE 4-14 small spaceRemoving a DIMM

FIGURE 4-15 small spaceInstalling a DIMM

FIGURE 4-16 small spaceRemoving a PCI Card

FIGURE 4-17 small spaceRemoving a Graphics Card

FIGURE 4-18 small spaceLocations of PCI and Graphics Card Slots

FIGURE 4-19 small spaceInstalling a PCI card

FIGURE 4-20 small spaceInstalling a Graphics Card

FIGURE 4-21 small spaceRemoving the System Battery

FIGURE 4-22 small spaceInstalling a System Battery

FIGURE 4-23 small spacePosition of the System Fan

FIGURE 4-24 small spaceRemoving the System Fan

FIGURE 4-25 small spaceInstalling the System Fan

FIGURE 4-26 small spaceLocations of Power Supply and Cables

FIGURE 4-27 small spaceLocations of Power Supply Connections on the Motherboard

FIGURE 4-28 small spaceRemoving the Power Supply From the Chassis

FIGURE 4-29 small spaceInstalling the Power Supply Into the Chassis

FIGURE 4-30 small spacePosition of the I/O Board Assembly in the Chassis

FIGURE 4-31 small spaceRemoving I/O Board

FIGURE 4-32 small spaceInstalling the I/O Board Assembly

FIGURE 4-33 small spaceMotherboard Cable Locations

FIGURE 4-34 small spaceCabling Diagram

FIGURE 4-35 small spaceHeatsink/fan Assembly for AMD Opteron 180 Processor

FIGURE 4-36 small spaceUnlatching the Heatsink/Fan Assembly

FIGURE 4-37 small spaceRemoving the Heatsink/Fan Assembly From the Motherboard

FIGURE 4-38 small spaceRemoving the CPU From the Workstation

FIGURE 4-39 small spaceInstalling the CPU

FIGURE 4-40 small spaceInstalling the Heatsink/Fan Assembly

FIGURE 4-41 small spaceSecuring the Heatsink/Fan Assembly Latches

FIGURE 4-42 small spaceRemoving the Motherboard Screws

FIGURE 4-43 small spaceRemoving the Motherboard From the Chassis

FIGURE 4-44 small spaceInstalling the Motherboard

FIGURE C-1 small spaceLocation of Port 80 Code LED