TABLE 1-1 small spaceSun Ultra 20 Workstation Features

TABLE 1-2 small spaceFront Panel

TABLE 1-3 small spaceBack Panel

TABLE 1-4 small spaceSystem Components

TABLE 2-1 small spaceTroubleshooting Procedures

TABLE 2-2 small spaceSun Web Sites and Telephone Numbers

TABLE 3-1 small spaceSystem Information Menu Options

TABLE 3-2 small spaceAdvanced Diagnostics Menu Options

TABLE 3-3 small spaceContinuous Burn-in Testing Options

TABLE 4-1 small spaceSystem Components

TABLE 4-2 small spacePCI and Graphics Cards Slots

TABLE 4-3 small spaceBattery Specifications

TABLE 4-4 small spacePower Supply Cable Connections

TABLE 4-5 small spaceCable Connections

TABLE A-1 small spaceSun Ultra 20 Workstation Physical Specifications

TABLE A-2 small spaceInput Voltage Range

TABLE A-3 small spaceInput Frequency Range

TABLE A-4 small spaceInput Current

TABLE A-5 small spaceSun Ultra 20 Workstation Environmental Specifications

TABLE C-1 small spaceBIOS Port 80 POST Codes