Using the Database Binding Component

Deploying and Testing the Composite Application

In this section, you deploy the Composite Application project and then test the deployed application. Start the Sun Java System Application Server before deploying the project. See Starting the GlassFish V2 Application Server.

ProcedureTo Deploy the Composite Application

Before You Begin


  1. Select the project node in the Projects window.

    For example, DBBCSampleCompositeApp

  2. Right-click and choose Deploy.

    Deploy Successful

    After successful deployment of the project the following message appears in the Output window:

    BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 18 seconds)

ProcedureTo Test the Composite Application

  1. Click Test.

  2. Right-click and select New Test Case.

  3. Enter the Test Case Name.

    For example, DBBCTestCase

  4. Click Next.

  5. Select the WSDL Document.

    1. Select the following:

      For example, SOAPWSDL.wsdl from BpelModuleSample : Process Files

      Note –

      One WSDL document must be selected.

      Select WSDL Document
    2. Click Next.

    3. Select the following:

      SOAPWSDLOperation from SOAPWSDLPort (Binding=”SOAPWSDLBinding”)

      Note –

      One operation to text must be selected.

      Select SOAP WSDL
  6. Click Finish.

    The Source Code is as shown.

    Test Case Source Code
  7. Enter the string values.

    For example,

    • NAME — Nano Apple

    • CUSTOMER_ID — 3

    Enter Values

    When you enter the string values in the Input.xml window, the output console displays Retrieve.xml. This window displays the location to save the data.

  8. Right-click the Test Case and click Run.

    For example, DBBCTestCase

    A confirmation box to overwrite the Output is displayed. Click Yes to overwrite.

    Overwrite Empty Output

    The Output is as shown in the illustration.

    Final Output Console

Debug the Test Case

You can debug the test case.

ProcedureTo Debug the Test Case

  1. Right-click on the Test Case and select Debug.

    For example, DBBCTestCase1

    A message is displayed as shown in the illustration.

    Test Case Successful

    For a demo, see