FIGURE 1-1 large spaceAuthentication and Session Manager Interaction

FIGURE 1-2 large spaceTypical Medium to Large Deployment Scenario

FIGURE 1-3 large spaceSimple Failover Group

FIGURE 2-1 large spaceThe Server Selection ( utselect ) GUI

FIGURE 2-2 large spaceUsing a Token Reader to Register Smart Cards

FIGURE 3-1 large spaceAdmin GUI Navigation Hierarchy

FIGURE 3-2 large spaceUser Name Challenge Screen

FIGURE 3-3 large spaceTop-level Servers Tab

FIGURE 3-4 large spaceSessions Tab Displays Active and Idle Sessions

FIGURE 3-5 large spaceDesktop Units Tab

FIGURE 3-6 large spaceSetting Up a Token Reader

FIGURE 3-7 large spaceTokens Tab

FIGURE 3-8 large spaceEdit Token Properties

FIGURE 3-9 large spaceAdd New Token Page

FIGURE 3-10 medium spacePseudo-token Properties

FIGURE 3-11 medium spaceThe Security Tab

FIGURE 3-12 medium spaceSystem Policy Tab

FIGURE 3-13 medium spaceKiosk Mode Tab

FIGURE 3-14 medium spaceEdit Smart Card Probe Order

FIGURE 3-15 medium spaceUse the Data Store Password Tab to Change the Admin Password

FIGURE 3-16 medium spaceSample Administration Log

FIGURE 6-1 large spaceSun Ray Security Configuration Tab

FIGURE 7-1 large spaceNetwork Topologies for Sun Ray DTU Deployment

FIGURE 7-2 large spaceSun Ray Network Topology

FIGURE 7-3 large spacePop-up GUI Main Menu (Part I)

FIGURE 7-4 large spacePop-up GUI Main Menu (Part II)

FIGURE 7-5 large spaceDHCP Configuration Selection on the Setup TCP/IP OSD

FIGURE 7-6 large spaceEnable VPN Configuration Policy Toggle

FIGURE 7-7 large spaceDownload Configuration Selection

FIGURE 7-8 large spaceSample VPN Configuration File

FIGURE 9-1 large spaceThe Multihead Screen Display

FIGURE 9-2 large spaceMultihead Feature Enabled

FIGURE 9-3 large space utmhconfig GUI Lists Multihead Groups and Details

FIGURE 9-4 large spaceCreate New Multiheaded Group Pop-up Dialog Box

FIGURE 9-5 large spaceSetup Display for the New Multihead Group

FIGURE 9-6 large spaceCompleted Multihead Group List With Active Finish Button

FIGURE 9-7 large spaceAuthentication Manager Flowchart for the Primary DTU

FIGURE 9-8 large spaceAuthentication Manager Flowchart for the Secondary DTU

FIGURE 10-1 medium spaceKiosk Mode Enabled for Non-Card Users

FIGURE 10-2 medium spaceEdit Token Properties

FIGURE 11-1 medium spaceSimple Failover Group

FIGURE 11-2 medium spaceRedundant Failover Group

FIGURE 11-3 medium spaceNetwork Status Screen

FIGURE A-1 large spaceSettings Screen

FIGURE B-1 large spaceLayout of Old (left) and New (right) OSD Icons

FIGURE B-2 large spaceDTU Startup OSD

FIGURE B-3 large spaceNetwork Connection Verified

FIGURE B-4 large spaceWaiting to Connect to Authentication Manager

FIGURE B-5 large spaceRedirection OSD

FIGURE B-6 large spaceWait for Session OSD

FIGURE B-7 large spaceBus Busy

FIGURE B-8 large spaceNo Ethernet Signal

FIGURE B-9 large spaceEthernet Address

FIGURE B-10 medium spaceEthernet Address OSD with Different Encryption and Authentication States

FIGURE B-11 medium spaceSession Refused by Client

FIGURE B-12 medium spaceDHCP Broadcast Failure

FIGURE B-13 medium spaceEstablishing a VPN Connection

FIGURE B-14 medium spaceVPN Connection Established

FIGURE B-15 medium spaceOSD Icon 4 Displays Firmware Download Error Messages

FIGURE B-16 medium spaceFirmware Download in Progress

FIGURE B-17 medium spaceSaving PROM Software

FIGURE B-18 medium spaceFirmware Download Failed

FIGURE B-19 medium spaceCard Reader OSD

FIGURE B-20 medium spaceCard Read Error OSD

FIGURE B-21 medium spacePrompt for Card Insertion OSD

FIGURE B-22 medium spaceAccess Denied OSD