TABLE 2-1 large spaceSupported Commands

TABLE 2-2 large spaceKey User Fields

TABLE 2-3 large space utrestart Commands

TABLE 2-4 large spaceData Elements Displayed

TABLE 2-5 large space utcapture Options

TABLE 2-6 large spaceLog Files

TABLE 4-1 large spaceDefinitions of Naming Conventions

TABLE 4-2 large spaceCommands for Common Disk Operation on Linux Platforms

TABLE 7-1 large spaceDHCP Service Parameters Available

TABLE 7-2 large spaceVendor-specific DHCP Options

TABLE 7-3 large spacePrompt Mode Key Codes

TABLE 7-4 large spacePop-up GUI Menu Configuration Values

TABLE 7-5 large spaceSun Ray DTU-to-Server Ports and Protocols

TABLE 7-6 large spaceSun Ray Server-to-Server Protocols

TABLE 10-1 medium spaceKiosk Mode Settings

TABLE 11-1 medium spaceConfiguring Five Servers for 100 DTUs

TABLE 11-2 medium spaceAvailable Options

TABLE A-1 large spaceSun Ray Settings Properties Files

TABLE A-2 large spaceSpecific Hot Key Values

TABLE B-1 large spaceIcon Messages

TABLE B-2 large spaceDCHP State Codes

TABLE B-3 large spacePower LED

TABLE B-4 large spaceFirmware Download Error Codes and Messages

TABLE B-5 large spaceError Message Examples