The Sun Ray Server Software 4.0 Administrator’s Guide provides instructions for setting up, administering, monitoring, and troubleshooting a system of Sun Ray trademark Desktop Units (DTUs) and their server or servers. It is written for system administrators who are already familiar with the Sun Ray trademark computing paradigm and have substantial networking knowledge. This guide may also be useful for those interested in customizing Sun Ray systems.

Before You Read This Book

This guide assumes that you have installed the Sun Ray Server Software on your server from the Sun Ray Server Software 4.0 CD or the Electronic Software Download (ESD).

How This Book Is Organized

Chapter 1 gives an overview of the Sun Ray system.

Chapter 2 describes the command-line interface.

Chapter 3 describes the Administration Tool.

Chapter 4 describes peripherals for Sun Ray DTUs.

Chapter 5 describes mobile sessions, also known as Hotdesking.

Chapter 6 gives a brief description of traffic encryption between Sun Ray clients and servers and server-to-client authentication.

Chapter 7 discusses network requirements, such as LAN, VLAN, and dedicated interconnect options, switch requirements, and other network-related issues, such as downloading firmware and (optional) local configuration capabilities for Sun Ray DTUs.

Chapter 8 outlines issues pertinent to the Gnome Display Manager.

Chapter 9 describes how to implement multihead and XINERAMA on a Sun Ray system.

Chapter 10 presents Kiosk Mode, for controlled access to applications.

Chapter 11 discusses failover groups.

Appendix A addresses user settings and concerns.

Appendix B provides troubleshooting information, including error messages from the Authentication Manager.

This manual also contains a glossary and an index.

Using UNIX Commands

This document does not contain information on basic UNIX® commands and procedures, such as shutting down the system, booting the system, or configuring devices. This document does, however, contain information about specific Sun Ray system commands.

Typographic Conventions





The names of commands, files, and directories; on-screen computer output

Edit your.login file.

Use ls -a to list all files.

% You have mail.


What you type, when contrasted with on-screen computer output

% su



Book titles, new words or terms, words to be emphasized

Read Chapter 6 in the User’s Guide.

These are called class options.

You must be superuser to do this.


Command-line variable; replace with a real name or value

To delete a file, type rm filename.

Shell Prompts



C shell


C shell superuser


Bourne shell and Korn shell


Bourne shell and Korn shell superuser


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