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Sun Netra CT 900 Server Installation Guide

Installation Guide





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1. Overview of the Sun Netra CT 900 Server Installation

2. Installing the Shelf

2.1 Tools Required

2.2 Unpacking the System

2.3 Shipping Contents

2.3.1 Basic Configuration

2.3.2 10GbE Configuration

2.4 Installing the Sun Netra CT 900 Server

2.4.1 Choosing a Rackmount Kit

2.4.2 Rackmounting the System Installation Using 19 Inch NGR Rackmount Kit X4023A Installation Using 19 Inch STD Rackmount Kit X4022A Installation Using 600MM Rackmount Kit X4023A

2.4.3 Bottom Shelf Slide-Mounting

2.4.4 Removing the Front Cable Management Bracket, If Necessary

2.4.5 Connecting the DC Grounding Cable

2.4.6 Providing Power Connecting DC Power

3. Installing Additional Cards

3.1 Antistatic Precautions

3.2 Installing the Cards

3.2.1 Installing Rear Transition Modules

3.2.2 Installing Node Cards

4. Cabling the System

4.1 Connecting the Cables to the Shelf Alarm Panel

4.1.1 Serial Connectors

4.1.2 Telco Alarm Connector

4.2 Connecting Cables to Switches

4.2.1 10/100/1000BASE-T Ports

4.2.2 Base 10/100BASE-TX Management Port

4.2.3 Fabric Gigabit Ethernet and Base Serial Management Ports

4.3 Connecting Cables to Sun Netra CP3240 Switches

4.4 Connecting Cables to the Node Boards

5. Installing and Using the Software

5.1 Connecting a Terminal Console to the Sun Netra CT 900 Server

5.2 Installing and Using the Operating System Software on the Node Board

5.3 Using the System Management Software

5.4 Using the Switch Software

5.4.1 Software Components uBoot Software Linux Operating System

5.4.2 Boot Sequence Boot Utility Menu

5.4.3 Network Booting

5.4.4 FASTPATH Software Logins and Prompts Management Options Default Settings Port Ordering Resource Usage