System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Managing Software With the Oracle Solaris Product Registry Command-Line Interface (Task Map)

The following task map describes the software management tasks that you cab perform with the Oracle Solaris Product Registry command-line interface.



For Instructions 

View installed or uninstalled software. 

You can view software information by using the browse subcommand.

How to View Installed or Uninstalled Software Information (prodreg)

View software attributes. 

You can view specific software attributes by using the info subcommand.

How to View Software Attributes (prodreg )

Check dependencies between software components. 

You can view the components that depend on a specific software component by using the info subcommand.

How to Check for Software Dependencies ( prodreg)

Identify damaged software products. 

If you remove installed software files or packages without using the appropriate uninstaller, you can damage the software on your system. 

How to Identify Damaged Software Products (prodreg)

Uninstall software  

You can remove software from your system by using the uninstall subcommand.

How to Uninstall Software (prodreg)

Uninstall damaged software. 

Uninstalling a damaged software component might fail if the uninstaller program for the software component has been removed from the system. 

How to Uninstall Damaged Software (prodreg )

Reinstall damaged software components. 

If other software depends on a damaged software component, you might want to reinstall the damaged component, rather than uninstall the component and the other dependent software. 

How to Reinstall Damaged Software Components (prodreg)