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Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager User Guide for Open Systems

J4000, F5100, and Sun Blade 6000 Array Families




1. Overview

Overview of the Management Software

Software Features

Local Management of an Array

Central Management of Arrays

Local CAM Management

Remote CAM Management

SAS-Network Express Modules

Upgrading Expander Firmware

Monitoring Component Health

Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Management

Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)

Overview of the Software Installation


Installing CAM on a Central Management Host

Installing CAM on a Data Host

2. Installing the Common Array Manager Software


Getting the CAM Software

About the Software Installation DVD

Downloading CAM Software

Solaris OS, OpenSolaris OS, and Linux Downloads

Windows Downloads

About CAM Installation Types

Installing the CAM Software

Installing on the Solaris OS and OpenSolaris OS

Installing on Linux OS

Installing on Windows OS

Installing a Typical (Full Version) of CAM

Installing Custom Device Plug-ins

Plug-in Software Packages

Installing the CAM Data Host Proxy Agent

Solaris OS/Linux

OpenSolaris OS

Windows OS

Enabling Remote Access to the Java Web Console

Starting the Management Software

Logging In Using the Browser Interface

Installation Troubleshooting

Reviewing the Installation Logs

3. Registering and Initially Administering the Array

Setting Up the Initial Site and Array Information

Providing Site Information

Subscribing to Auto Service Request

About Array Registration

Registering Arrays

Unregistering an Array

Installing New Array Firmware

Installing the Firmware

Getting Information About an Array

Naming an Array

Adding Users And Assigning Roles

Best Practices - User Roles and Names

Using Administrative Roles to Initially Log In

Adding Users to Hosts

Adding Users to CAM

Adding Users

Adding New Users in Windows

Adding an Administrator User In Windows

Adding Non-Administrator Users in Windows

Setting Up Auto Service Request

Event Information Collected Using Auto Service Requests (ASR)

Subscribing to and Editing Properties of Auto Service Request

Testing Auto Service Request Registration

Unregistering From Auto Service Request Service

Configuring Auto Service Request for an Array

4. Monitoring the Sun Storage J4000, F5100, and Sun Blade 6000 Array Families

Monitoring Overview

Monitoring Strategy

About Event Life-Cycles

Setting Up Notification for Fault Management

Configuring Array Health Monitoring

Configuring the FMS Agent

Enabling Health Monitoring for an Array

Monitoring Alarms and Events

Displaying Alarm Information

Managing Alarms

Acknowledging Alarms

Acknowledging One or More Alarms

Deleting Alarms

Deleting One or More Alarms

Displaying Event Information

Displaying Information About Events

Monitoring Field-Replaceable Units (FRUs)

Viewing the Listing of FRUs in the Array

Disk Health Details Page

Fan Health Details Page

NEM Health Details Page

Power Supply Health Details Page

SIM Health Details Page for J4200/J4400 Arrays

Storage Module Health Details Page for the B6000 Array

Viewing Activity on All Arrays

Viewing the Activity Log

Monitoring Storage Utilization

5. SAS Domain Access Configuration

About SAS Domains

Getting Started With SAS Access Configuration

Configuring SAS Access Configuration

Planning for SAS Access Configuration

Registering the Array

Viewing SAS Domains and Details

Naming a SAS Domain

Manually Configuring Initiator to Disk Access

Importing Access Configuration

Creating a SAS Access Configuration Template

Managing the Access Configuration Password

Clearing the Password

Changing the Password

Updating the Password

Changing the SAS Access Configuration State

Using Access Configuration Features

About Configuring Access/Zoning

System Requirements for Access Configuration

Access Configuration Guidelines

About SAS Multipathing

About SATA Affiliation

Cascading J4x00 Arrays Using the CAM Browser Interface

Configuring Multiple Host Access for a J4x00 Array

Troubleshooting Access Configuration

J4400 Array Cable Configuration Reference

A. SAS Access Configuration Planning Worksheets

Planning Worksheet for J4200/J4400 Arrays

Planning Worksheet for J4500 Arrays

Planning Worksheet for F5100 Flash Arrays

J4200 Array Disk Drive to HBA Mapping Worksheet

J4400 Array Disk Drive to HBA Mapping Worksheet

J4500 Array Disk Drive to HBA Mapping Worksheet

F5100 Flash Array FMod to HBA Mapping Worksheet

B. Using the Browser Interface

Navigating the Common Array Manager Interface

Page Banner

Page Content Area

Controlling the Display of Table Information

Status Icons

Using Forms

Searching for System Elements

Using the Search Feature

Using Help

C. Options for Experienced Users

Common Array Manager Installation Options

Typical (Full) Installation

File Space Requirements

Management Host Software

Installing CAM with the Management Host Software Option

Data Host Proxy Agent

Administrator Host CLI Client

Locating Files and Logs

Installation Command Summary

Command Line Interface Options

Logging In and Out Using the CLI

Accessing the Command-Line Interface Remotely

Installing the CAM Software Using the CLI

Using a CLI to Install on the Solaris OS

To Install the Software Using a CLI (Solaris OS)

Using a CLI to Install on the Linux OS

To Install the Software Using a CLI (Linux)

Using a CLI to Install on a Windows OS

To Install the Software Using a CLI (Windows)

Uninstalling Software

To Uninstall the Management Software on Solaris OS or Linux Using the Uninstall GUI

To Uninstall the Management Software on Solaris OS or Linux Using the CLI

To Uninstall the Management Software on a Windows System

Installation Troubleshooting

D. Using SNMP with CAM

SNMP Traps