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Sun Java Enterprise System 2004Q2 Deployment Example Series: Evaluation Scenario 

List of Figures

Figure 1-1 Evaluation Deployment Logical Architecture
Figure 2-1 Component Selection Page
Figure 2-2 Product Dependency Checks Dialog Box
Figure 2-3 Shared Components Upgrades Required Page
Figure 2-4 Common Server Settings Page
Figure 2-5 Web Server: Default Web Server Instance (2 of 2)
Figure 2-6 Identity Server: Administration Page
Figure 2-7 Ready to Install Page
Figure 2-8 Installation Complete Page
Figure 3-1 Server Console’s Servers and Applications Tab
Figure 3-2 Default LDAP Directory Tree
Figure 3-3 Identity Server Administration Console
Figure 3-4 Sample Portal Desktop
Figure 3-5 Schema 2 Directory Tree
Figure 3-6 Configuration Directory Server Page
Figure 3-7 Postmaster Email Address Page
Figure 3-8 Password for All Admin Accounts Page
Figure 3-9 Default Email Domain Page
Figure 3-10 Schema 2 Directory Tree Modified by Messaging Server Configuration
Figure 3-11 Generic Editor
Figure 3-12 Administration, User Preferences and Authentication Page
Figure 3-13 Email and Email Alarms Page
Figure 3-14 Runtime Configuration Page
Figure 4-1 Sun Java System Identity Server Console
Figure 4-2 Selecting an Organization
Figure 4-3 Viewing Services for the LDAP Organization
Figure 4-4 Selecting Test User
Figure 4-5 Displaying Services for Test User
Figure 5-1 Messenger Express Main Window
Figure 5-2 Calendar Express Main Window
Figure 7-1 SSO Adapter Properties
Figure 7-2 Portal Desktop Displaying Calendar and Mail Services
Figure A-1 Selecting Message Queue for Uninstallation

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