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Sun Fire X4640 Server Service Manual     Sun Fire X4640 Server Documentation Library
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Sun Fire X4640 Server Service Manual Overview

Controlling Power and Performing Hardware Reset

About Power Modes

Powering the Server On and Off

Controlling Server Power Remotely

Resetting the Server Using the Reset Switch (SW2)

Removing and Installing Components

Important Safety Information

Antistatic Procedures and Precautions

Tools Required for Servicing the Sun Fire X4640 Server

Preparing the Server for Service and Operation

Removal and Replacement Procedures

List of Customer Replaceable Units and Field Replaceable Units

Identifying Components

Replacing the CMOS Battery (CRU)

Replacing or Adding a Hard Drive (CRU)

Replacing a CPU Module and Filler Card (CRU)

Replacing or Adding DIMMs (CRU)

Replacing or Adding PCI Cards (CRU)

Replacing or Adding a Power Supply (CRU)

Replacing the Fan Tray (CRU)

Replacing the Service Processor Board (FRU)

Replacing the DVD Module (FRU)

Replacing the Power Distribution Board (FRU)

Replacing the Fan Tray Carriage (FRU)

Replacing the Front Panel Indicator Board (FRU)

Replacing the Front I/O Board (FRU)

Replacing a Hard Disk Backplane (FRU)

Replacing the Motherboard (FRU)

Updating Field-Replaceable Unit Information

How to Update the Server CPLDs

Configuring the System Using the BIOS Setup Utilities

BIOS and the BIOS Setup Utility

How to Configure the System BIOS

BIOS Setup Utility Screens

BIOS and Service Processor Updates

LSI BIOS Configuration Utility

Sun Fire X4640 Server References and Specifications

Sun Fire X4640 Server Features and Components

Sun Fire X4640 Server Front and Back Panel Features and Components

Sun Fire X4640 Server Specifications

Sun Fire X4640 Server Motherboard Jumpers and Switches

Sun Fire X4640 Server External LED Locations and Meanings

Locating the Sun Fire X4640 Server System Serial Number


About Power Modes

The Sun Fire X4640 server has two power modes, full-power mode and standby-power mode. In full-power mode, power is supplied to all the server components (for example, hard drives, fans, and PCI cards). Full-power mode is the normal operational mode for the server. When the server is in full-power mode, the server boots and the operating system (OS) functions. Full-power mode is achieved by pressing the power-on button on the front of the server when the server is in standby power mode.

Standby-power mode is the non-operating mode. That is, the server is in a low-power or powered-down state and is not capable of booting and starting the OS. In standby power mode, minimum power is supplied only to the components that are required for lights-out management (LOM). Standby power is achieved by connecting the server to an AC supply using the AC power cords. In standby-power mode, power is supplied to the service processor (SP) which allows the SP to boot. To sustain standby power mode, you must not press the front panel power button. You can also achieve standby power mode by powering off the server (from an operational mode) using one of the power off methods.