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Sun Fire X4640 Server Service Manual Overview

Controlling Power and Performing Hardware Reset

About Power Modes

Powering the Server On and Off

Controlling Server Power Remotely

Resetting the Server Using the Reset Switch (SW2)

Removing and Installing Components

Important Safety Information

Antistatic Procedures and Precautions

Tools Required for Servicing the Sun Fire X4640 Server

Preparing the Server for Service and Operation

Removal and Replacement Procedures

List of Customer Replaceable Units and Field Replaceable Units

Identifying Components

Replacing the CMOS Battery (CRU)

Replacing or Adding a Hard Drive (CRU)

Replacing a CPU Module and Filler Card (CRU)

Replacing or Adding DIMMs (CRU)

Replacing or Adding PCI Cards (CRU)

Replacing or Adding a Power Supply (CRU)

Replacing the Fan Tray (CRU)

Replacing the Service Processor Board (FRU)

Replacing the DVD Module (FRU)

Replacing the Power Distribution Board (FRU)

Replacing the Fan Tray Carriage (FRU)

Replacing the Front Panel Indicator Board (FRU)

Replacing the Front I/O Board (FRU)

Replacing a Hard Disk Backplane (FRU)

Replacing the Motherboard (FRU)

Updating Field-Replaceable Unit Information

How to Update the Server CPLDs

Configuring the System Using the BIOS Setup Utilities

BIOS and the BIOS Setup Utility

How to Configure the System BIOS

BIOS Setup Utility Screens

BIOS and Service Processor Updates

LSI BIOS Configuration Utility

Sun Fire X4640 Server References and Specifications

Sun Fire X4640 Server Features and Components

Sun Fire X4640 Server Front and Back Panel Features and Components

Sun Fire X4640 Server Specifications

Sun Fire X4640 Server Motherboard Jumpers and Switches

Sun Fire X4640 Server External LED Locations and Meanings

Locating the Sun Fire X4640 Server System Serial Number


Sun Fire X4640 Server Features and Components

The Sun Fire X4640 server takes full advantage of the exceptional power and performance of the AMD Opteron processor. The server is a four rack-unit chassis capable of supporting up to eight vertically-mounted customer-replaceable (CRU) CPU modules. Each CPU module is a single-board unit containing a CPU, eight DIMM slots, and on-board diagnostics.

This server provides the following maximum system configurations:

This server is 24 inches (610-mm) deep and is compatible with all data center 28-inch (711.2-mm) racks. Airflow is strictly front-to-back and supports the highest-performance Opteron CPUs at 95° F (35° C) ambient temperature.

Standard I/O includes four 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet ports, VGA video, serial, four USB ports, and one 10/100BASE-T Ethernet management port. An SAS on-board disk controller supports up to four SAS disk drives.

The Sun Fire X4640 server includes an extensive set of Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) features, such as hot-swappable and redundant hard disk drives (when RAID1 is used), fans, and power supplies. The servers also provide an integrated lights out management (ILOM) service processor function, which includes remote boot and remote software upgrades.

Feature or Component
Sun Fire X4640 Server
Four or Eight CPU modules, each with an AMD Opteron six-core processor (6 Mbyte L3 cache)
Dual Dynamic Power Management
(Split-plane CPU modules only.) Per-processor power management that can reduce idle power consumption.
Processor BIOS
8 Mbit flash EEPROM with LPC interface
Up to 64 DIMMs of DDR2
Hard Drives (HDs)
Up to four Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) HDDs (2.5 inch or 63.5 mm)
Service Processor (SP)
Motorola MPC8248 @ 266 MHz
RAID Options
Four-channel SAS RAID disk controller
Network I/O
  • Four 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet ports (RJ-45 connectors)
  • One 10/100BASE-T Ethernet net management port (RJ-45 connector)

  • One RS-232 serial port (RJ-45 connector)

  • Two 100-MHz low-profile PCI-X slots
  • Four 8-lane low-profile PCIe slots

  • Two 4-lane low-profile PCIe slots

Other I/O
  • Five USB 2.0 ports (4 external, 1 internal)
  • One VGA video port

Removable media devices
Internal slim DVD-ROM drive
Four power supplies, 1133W each
Four front fan modules; also one fan in each power supply

Cooling is front-to-back forced air.