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Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System

RMON Administration Guide

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RMON Overview

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Configuring RMON

Enabling the RMON Module

Enable the RMON Module

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Configuring the Ethernet Statistics Group

Enable the Ethernet Statistics Group

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Configuring the Ethernet History Group

Enable the Ethernet History Group

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Configuring Events

Create an Event

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Configuring Alarms

Create an Alarm

Disable an Alarm

Create an Alarm

To create an alarm, you must configure these parameters:

You must create an event table entry before you can create an alarm. For instructions on how to create an event, see Create an Event.

  1. Create an alarm for absolute samples.
    SEFOS(config)# rmon alarm 1 20 absolute rising-threshold 500 1 falling-threshold 200 2 owner myTest
  2. Create an alarm for delta samples.
    SEFOS(config)# rmon alarm 2 25 delta rising-threshold 200 falling-threshold 100 owner system
  3. Review the alarm configuration.
    SEFOS# show rmon alarms
    RMON is enabled
    Alarm 1 is active,  owned by myTest
     Monitors every 20 second(s)
     Taking absolute samples, last value was 837
     Rising threshold is 200, assigned to event 1
     Falling threshold is 100, assigned to event 2
     On startup enable rising alarm
     Alarm 2 is active,  owned by system
     Monitors every 25 second(s)
     Taking delta samples, last value was 201
     Rising threshold is 100, assigned to event 1
     Falling threshold is 50, assigned to event 2
     On startup enable falling alarm