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Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System

RMON Administration Guide

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Support and Accessibility

RMON Overview

Protocol Description

Topology Example

Configuring RMON

Enabling the RMON Module

Enable the RMON Module

Disable the RMON Module

Configuring the Ethernet Statistics Group

Enable the Ethernet Statistics Group

Disable the Ethernet Statistics Group

Configuring the Ethernet History Group

Enable the Ethernet History Group

Disable the Ethernet History Group

Configuring Events

Create an Event

Disable an Event

Configuring Alarms

Create an Alarm

Disable an Alarm

Protocol Description

RMON is a portable implementation of the Remote Network Monitoring Protocol that conforms to RFC 2819. The RMON software provides remote monitoring of network segments from a central network manager by using an embedded probe that monitors all of the segments to which the network device is connected. RMON provides network administrators with comprehensive network-fault diagnosis, planning, and performance-tuning information. Remote probe devices perform the data collection and processing, which reduces the SNMP traffic on the network and the processing load on the management station. Instead of continuous polling, information is only transmitted to the management station, when required.

RMON provides standard information that you can use to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot a group of distributed LANs. The standard information includes:

RMON supports these monitoring functions: