OpenWindows User's Guide

Mail Tool Compose Window

Any time you choose an item from the Compose menu (except for Vacation), a Compose Message window is opened. (The Compose Message window is simply referred to as the Compose window in the rest of this document.) A Compose window operates independently from the Mail Tool Header window. You can close an opened Compose window to an icon for later use, or keep a Compose window open while the primary Mail Tool Header window is closed to an icon. The Compose window icon shows an unsealed envelope, a sheet of paper, and a label indicating the recipient of the message if the recipient has been specified. Figure 4-6 shows these views of the Compose icon.

Figure 4-6 Compose Window Icon (before and after specifying a recipient)


You can open as many Compose windows as you like at one time, while replying to or composing several messages concurrently. The Compose window is shown in Figure 4-7.

Figure 4-7 Compose Message Window


The Compose window has its own set of controls that you use to create and send mail messages: