OpenWindows User's Guide

Customizing Pop-up Pointer Jumping

Use the Pointer Jumping Pop-up check box to specify whether or not you want the pointer to jump into a pop-up window automatically when it comes up.

If this setting is checked, when a pop-up window with a notice is displayed, the pointer jumps to the default button (that is, your anticipated choice). For example, when you choose Exit from the Workspace menu, a notice asks your to confirm that you want to leave the window system. The notice has two buttons: Exit and Cancel. The pointer jumps to Cancel when the notice window is displayed. (The pointer "jumps" so quickly that you see no movement.) In Figure 17-6, this option is on.

When the box is not checked, the pointer does not jump to the default button in the pop-up window but remains where it was when the pop-up window appeared. Move the pointer onto the appropriate button and click SELECT.

To turn off the pop-up pointer jumping, click SELECT on the check mark. The check mark disappears and the option is turned off.