OpenWindows User's Guide

Composing a New Message

To compose a new message:

  1. In the Header window control area, click SELECT on Compose.

    The Compose Message window is displayed.

  2. Click SELECT on the To text field, and fill in the message header information.

    • Press Return as you complete each line

    • In the To and Cc text fields, separate multiple email addresses with a comma, a space, or both. For example: here@machine, there@elsewhere, outside@somewhere

    1. Type the topic in the Subject text field, and press Return.

    2. If desired, type email addresses of carbon copy recipients in the Cc text field.

      Separate the addresses with a comma, a space, or both.

  3. Move to the Text pane either by pressing Return or clicking SELECT in the Text pane.

    The dimmed insert point darkens to indicate it is active.

  4. Type your message.

    The Compose window Text pane uses standard text editing functions.

    Figure 4-12 shows a sample message.

    Figure 4-12 Addressing a Message


    To include an attachment, see "Sending Mail Attachments".

  5. To send the message, click SELECT on Deliver.

    The message is delivered, and the Compose window closes.