Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Controller Information Window

The Controller Information window, as seen in Figure 4-20, displays information about a disk's controller. To display the Controller Information window, point to a controller on the Disk View canvas. Press and hold the MENU button to display the pop-up menu then select the Info option.

Figure 4-20 Controller Information Window


Table 4-15 lists the functionality associated with the Controller Information window.

Table 4-15 Controller Information Window Functionality



Device Name 

Names the controller (for example, c2). 

Show Disks 

Toggles on and off the disk information pane. 

Device Mappings 

Displays the Physical to Logical Device Mappings window. (The Physical to Logical Device Mappings window is not dynamically updated when new mappings are created.) 

Disk information scrolling list 

Contains a scrolling list of all disks, their size and status, on the controller. 


Selecting a disk in the disk information pane and clicking the Info button displays the Disk Information window for that disk. 

Table 4-16 lists additional functionality for SPARCstorage Arrays.

Table 4-16 Controller Information Window, SPARCstorage Array Functionality



Fan Status

Displays the current fan status (for example, Failed). 

Battery Status

Displays the current battery status. 


Displays the vendor name. 

Product ID 

Displays the product identification number. 

Product Rev 

Displays the product revision number. 

Firmware Rev

Displays the product firmware revision information.