Traditional Chinese Solaris User's Guide

Changing Your System Locale Setting

To change the Locale setting on the Workspace Properties worksheet (and in the .OWdefaults file as explained in Traditional Chinese Solaris System Administrator's Guide):

  1. Access the Workspace Properties Locale worksheet.

  2. Change the Locale setting by choosing U.S.A. or Chinese on the Basic Locale menu.

    The English version of the menu is on the left and the Traditional Chinese equivalent is on the right. (In this example the Chinese locale is selected).

  3. Click the Apply button to set the locale on the system.


    Clicking Apply applies these settings and overwrites your current .OWdefaults file. OpenWindows uses the information in this file to start your applications. For a description of the contents and functions of the .OWdefaults file, refer to Traditional Chinese Solaris System Administrator's Guide.