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Sun Blade X6275 Server Module Product Notes

Product Notes


Feedback Contents


1. System Software Release Features

Hardware Configurations

Firmware Versions

Supported Operating Systems

Additional Software

Optional Software

Supported Modular System Chassis

Sun Blade 6000 Network Express Modules (NEMs)

Power Management Support in ILOM

procedure iconsmall spaceHow to Use the Power Budget Feature in ILOM:

Documentation for the Power Budget Feature

2. Hardware, Firmware, and BIOS Notes and Issues

Hardware Notes and Issues

FMOD Caution

Setup and Power-On Recommendations for the Sun Blade 6000 or 6048 System Module Chassis

procedure iconsmall spaceSetup and Power-on Recommendations With an Empty System Chassis

procedure iconsmall spaceSetup and Power-on Recommendations With a Preconfigured System Chassis

PCI Express Module Assignment In the Sun Blade X6048 System Module Chassis

Memory Reference Code Issue Causes Faulty DIMM to Be Misidentified (6964312)

Identifying a Node’s Onboard Device Versus a Node’s PCIe EM (7072665)

Firmware and BIOS Features and Issues

BIOS Options to Enable/Disable Any Available USB Ports (6880508)

Intel SMM Security Issue (6857157)

Sun StorageTek Dual 4 Gb Fibre Channel Dual GbE ExpressModule Host Bus Adapter (Emulex SG-XPCIE2FCGBE-E-Z) is Sometimes Not Visible in BIOS

Flash Modules Not Found After Power Cycle (6798255)

(Fixed) System Unable to Boot from Fibre Channel Express Modules (6804868)

(Fixed) BIOS Does Not Execute Set SEL time Command During POST (6879630)

CPU and DIMM FRU Data Can Be Lost After SP Firmware Upgrade (6913602)

Updating Firmware That Includes New CPLD Version

PCIe Link Speed Reduced With BIOS (6994690)

3. Server Management and ILOM Notes and Issues

General Notes and Issues

Dynamic Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) ID Information

Restricted Bash Shell

procedure iconsmall spaceEntering the Restricted Shell

Power Values in ILOM Web Interface

Details of the Error Message

Reading Sun Blade X6275 Power Consumption in the CMM

Enabling and Disabling the Sun Cooling Door

Sun Blade X6275 Does Not Boot if the CMM is Off-Line

Locate LED Programmed to Stay On For 30 Minutes (6793865)

Proving Physical Presence (6881237)

Understanding the Node available_power Statistic (6892763)

ILOM Fixed and Open Issues

ILOM Fixed Issues

(Fixed) Sensor List For X6275 Blade Node 1 Is Not Correct When In Sun Blade 6048 (6924167)

(Fixed) Blades Cannot Clear Fan Faults (6920801)

(Fixed) During Chassis Boot, at Least One Sun Blade X6275 Server Module Must Be Installed

(Fixed) pecitool Shows Wrong CPU Number (6890473)

(Fixed) Hostdiag Reports CPU Number Reversed In 2.0.3.xx and (6857083)

(Fixed) FRU Properties Change Intermittently (6804445)

(Fixed) Erroneous Chassis Hot Insertion Event Logged After CMM Reboot (6797938)

(Fixed) Host Intermittently Cannot Connect to RKVM Session (6783184)

(Fixed) Blade Node1 System Event Log Lists False /SYS/NEM1 or /SYS/PEM Hot Removal Messages (6791106)

(Fixed) CMM ILOM Interface Becomes Unresponsive After Repeated Use (6798257)

(Fixed) BIOS Does Not Set Service Processor Time (6801525)

(Fixed) Confusing Critical Events Logged in SEL at Service Processor Boot (6808890)

(Fixed) ipmiflash -I pci Causes SP to Lose All Network Connections (6850823)

(Fixed) ILOM Configurations Are Preserved During Upgrade Even After Specifying “No” (6971164)

ILOM Open Issues

Resetting the SP to Factory Defaults With Host Powered On Causes Permitted Power Miscalculation (6960011)

Set Port Sharing Error Message From SP via SP Web Interface (6895495)

Green LED Should Slow Blink (1 Hz) During FW Upgrade (6862377)

Products Cannot Be Registered, (6861523)

Ipmiflash Over USB Interface Fails Due to Unexpected Response to File-upload Command (6856369)

Setting the Serial Baud Rate in the System BIOS Does Not Propagate to the Service Processor (6784341)

CMM ILOM Becomes Unresponsive With Multiple CLI Sessions Open (6780171)

Blade Power On Issues With the start /SYS Command (6784708)

Missing Warning Message While Doing Backup Configuration Without Pass Phrase (6859295)

After CMM is Reset Fan and Blade Events in Blade Event Logs Show Different Events (6864597)

Powering On Batches of Blades Might Cause a Node to Fail to Power On (6813202)

More Than Ten Open ILOM CLI Sessions Degrades Performance (6787190)

Resetting the SP to Factory Defaults With Host Powered On Causes DIMM FRU Information to Be Lost (6970476, 6913602)

4. Software Notes and Issues

General OS Issues

(Sun Blade X6275 1GbE only) Rx_mixed Errors (6913783)

Softcap Does Not Work When Host is Powered on After SP Reboots (6890841)

PCIe ExpressModule Native Hot Plug Does Not Work (6804272)

Setting the Power Management Hardcap Power Limit Prior to Booting the System Does Not Control System Power


Oracle Solaris OS


Oracle Solaris OS Issues

InifiniBand Devices Show Low Throughput on Solaris 10 10/09 (6901056)

Solaris 10 5/09 Kernel Warnings: cpu_acpi error parsing _TSS for CPU instance x.

Hotplug of Express Modules Containing a PCIe Bridge Chip Do Not Work With Solaris 10 5/09 and OpenSolaris 2009.06

CentOS Issues

PCI: Ignore Bogus Resource 6 [0:0] Error Message (6781943)

Oracle Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Issues

Hot Plugging ExpressModules Containing a PCIe Bridge Chip Does Not Work With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8

PCI: Ignore Bogus Resource 6 [0:0] Error Message (6781943)

PCI: BIOS Bug MCFG area at e0000000 is not E820-reserved Error Message

Sound Server Informational Message: Error While Initializing the Sound Driver

Setting the Power Management Hardcap Power Limit Prior With the Host Power Off Does Not Control System Power (7009666)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) Issues

Unable to Start openibd and opensmd and Unable to load HCA driver on SLES 11 (6812736)

PCIEHP Hot-Plug Default Driver Is Not Supported by SLES10 SP2 and SP3

Additional Software Driver Added To SLES11 Might Not Work

Hotpluggable processor device is not present Error Message

Windows Server 2008 Issues

Hot-Plug is Not Supported By Windows 2008 For Some ExpressModules (6793369)

Windows Server 2008 Limited Support on Sun Blade X6275

5. Documentation Issues

Error on Service Card for RTC Battery Replacement