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Sun Java System Directory Editor 1 2005Q1 Installation and Configuration Guide 


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Before You Read This Book
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Typographic Conventions
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Chapter 1   Before You Install
Supported Software Environments
Operating Systems
Application Servers
Directory Servers
Recommended Directory Editor Configuration
Memory Requirements
Setup Task Flow
Prerequisite Tasks
What’s Next?

Chapter 2   Installing Directory Editor
Before You Begin
Reinstalling or Upgrading Directory Editor
Installing Directory Editor
Step 1: Install an Application Server
Step 2: Install the Directory Editor Software
Step 3: Install Directory Editor on an Application Server
Step 4: Specify the Startup Properties
Step 5: Specify the Managed Directory Properties
What’s Next?

Chapter 3   Getting Started
Product Features
Logging In
Changing Your LDAP Password
Navigating Directory Editor
Browsing Directories
Using the Browse Button
Using Online Help

Chapter 4   Creating and Editing Objects
Creating Objects
Accessing the Create Page
Creating Users
Creating Groups
Creating Organizational Units
Creating Domains
Creating Localities
Editing Objects
Accessing an Edit Page
Enabling or Disabling Objects
Renaming Objects
Deleting Objects

Chapter 5   Working With Forms
How Do Forms Work?
Why Edit the Forms?
Accessing the Forms Page
Customizing Forms
Opening a Form
Working with the Forms Page
Performing Common Tasks
Creating New Forms
Deleting Customized Forms
Testing Your Form

Chapter 6   Searching Directories
Executing a Basic Search
Executing an Advanced Search
Executing a Filtered Search
Editing the Search Page Configuration
Accessing the Search Configuration Page
Specifying Default Settings
Configuring the Results Table
Specifying Search Types

Chapter 7   Configuring Directory Editor
Controlling User Access
Understanding Roles
Understanding Principals
Understanding Capabilities
Working with Roles
Accessing the Authorization Page
Creating Directory Editor Roles
Editing Roles
Deleting Roles
Working with Naming Attributes
Accessing the Naming Attributes Page
Creating New Object Class - Naming Attribute Mappings
Editing Naming Attributes
Deleting Selected Naming Attributes
Editing the Startup Properties
Editing the Managed Directory Properties

Chapter 8   Backing Up and Restoring Configurations
Accessing the Backup/Restore Page
Backing Up Your Configuration
Restoring Your Configuration

Chapter 9   Removing the Software
Removing the Software
Using the Directory Editor Uninstaller
Uninstalling Manually From a Windows Machine
Uninstalling Manually From a Unix Machine
Undeploying Directory Editor from Your Application Server
From Sun Application Servers
From Tomcat Application Servers
From WebLogic Application Servers
From WebSphere Application Servers

Chapter 10   Error Logging and Troubleshooting
Before You Call Technical Support
Obtaining Information About the Problem
Information in the Page
Information in the Logs
Information in the Debug Pages
Common Problems and Solutions
Running in Non-Production Mode
Failed to Save Startup Configuration Properties
WebSphere is Extremely Slow During Startup
Changing the Object Class and Attributes Used for Configuration Objects
Short Session Timeout in Tomcat
de.war File Missing

Appendix A   HTML Components Used to Define Directory Editor Forms
What Are HTML Components?
Component Classes
Basic Component Classes
Container Classes
Page Processor Requirements for HTML Components
Hidden Parameters
Component Subclasses
Naming Conventions
Data Types
Base Component Class
Basic Components

Appendix A   Resources for Capability Configuration
Appendix C   Improving Performance of Browse and Search Features
Increasing Virtual List View Performance
Creating a VLV Index
From the Directory Server Console
From the Command Line
Creating Tree Indexes
Using the Virtual List View Anonymously
Disabling Virtual List View
From the Browse Page
From the Search Page

Appendix D   Working with Operational Attributes

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