Sun Java System Portal Server Mobile Access 7.1 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Use a Telephony System Access:

  1. Install the DSP hardware, device drivers, and software using the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you use an NMS Communications DSP card, you will also need the NMS Natural Access 2002-1 software.

  2. Test the DSP card configuration using a test utility, usually supplied with the DSP software.

  3. Provision a port or range of ports in your telephony switch, and configure the ports to use a protocol compatible with the DSP card.

  4. Assign phone numbers to the ports established in step 3 above.

  5. Connect the DSP card to the switch, and test its connectivity by dialing the numbers established in step 4 above. Use the test programs provided with the DSP hardware to verify correct operation.

  6. Refer to the section Installing a Nuance Voice Web Server to install the Nuance components.