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Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 648 Topic Set

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Preparing the Site

Installing the Switch


Administering the Switch

Diagnosing a Problem

Remote Management

Understanding ILOM on the Switch

Installing the ILOM Firmware

Administering ILOM (CLI)

CLI Overview

Access ILOM From the CLI

Switching Between the ILOM Shell and the Linux Shell

Switch From the ILOM Shell to the Linux Shell

Switch From the Linux Shell to the ILOM Shell

Monitoring ILOM Targets (CLI)

Performing Daily Tasks (CLI)

Display the Date, Time, and Time Zone (CLI)

Display the Aggregate Sensor State (CLI)

Display the ILOM Sessions (CLI)

Display the ILOM Event Log (CLI)

Checking the Status of Services (CLI)

Display the HTTP Service Status (CLI)

Display the HTTPS Service Status (CLI)

Display the SSL Certificates (CLI)

Display the SNMP Service Status (CLI)

Display the SNMP Service User Accounts (CLI)

Display the SNMP Service Communities (CLI)

Display the IPMI Service Status (CLI)

Verifying Other Aspects (CLI)

Get Help on an ILOM Command (CLI)

Get Help on an ILOM Target Property (CLI)

Display the Alert Properties (CLI)

Display the ILOM User Accounts (CLI)

Display the Remote Log Hosts (CLI)

Display the Network Management Configuration (CLI)

Display the ILOM CLI Session Timeout (CLI)

Display Chassis FRU ID Information (CLI)

Display the ILOM Firmware Version (CLI)

Controlling ILOM Targets (CLI)

Performing General Tasks on ILOM Targets (CLI)

Set the Date, Time, and Time Zone (CLI)

Clear the ILOM Event Log (CLI)

Set the Remote Log Hosts (CLI)

Back Up the ILOM Configuration (CLI)

Restore the ILOM Configuration (CLI)

Set the Network Management Parameters (CLI)

Performing ILOM User Tasks (CLI)

Add an ILOM User Account (CLI)

Change an ILOM User's Password and or Role (CLI)

Delete an ILOM User Account (CLI)

Managing HTTP Services (CLI)

Enable the HTTP Service (CLI)

Disable the HTTP Service (CLI)

Managing HTTPS Services (CLI)

Enable the HTTPS Service (CLI)

Install a Custom SSL Certificate (CLI)

Remove the Custom SSL Certificate (CLI)

Disable the HTTPS Service (CLI)

Managing SNMP Services (CLI)

Enable the SNMP Service (CLI)

Configure the SNMP Service (CLI)

Add SNMP Service User Accounts (CLI)

Modify SNMP Service User Accounts (CLI)

Delete SNMP Service User Accounts (CLI)

Add SNMP Service Communities (CLI)

Modify SNMP Service Communities (CLI)

Delete SNMP Service Communities (CLI)

Back Up SNMP Service MIBs (CLI)

Disable the SNMP Service (CLI)

Managing Other Aspects (CLI)

Enable Alerts to Send SNMP Traps (CLI)

Enable Alerts to Send PET (CLI)

Disable Alerts (CLI)

Set the ILOM CLI Session Timeout (CLI)

Upgrading the Switch Firmware Through ILOM (CLI)

Firmware Overview

Firmware Server

ibfw_server Daemon

flint Application

Install the flint Application (CLI)

Download the Switch Firmware Package (CLI)

Set Component Firmware to Upgrade (CLI)

Upgrade the Switch Firmware (CLI)

Administering ILOM (Web Interface)

Administering ILOM (SNMP)

Administering Hardware (IPMI)

Understanding ILOM Commands


Servicing the Switch


Command Reference


Change an ILOM User’s Password and or Role (CLI)
  1. Access the ILOM CLI.

    See Access ILOM From the CLI.

  2. Change the ILOM user’s configuration:

    -> set /SP/users/username password=password role=role


    • username is the user account name.

    • password is the new password.

    • role is the new role for the user.

    For the role, you can use the characters of the aucros string to enable the respective abilities:

    • a – Administrator

    • u – User management

    • c – Console

    • r – Reset and host control

    • o – Read only (operator)

    • s – Service

    Note - You can change the user password and role independently.

    For example, to change the password for the ilom-operator user:

    -> set /SP/users/ilom-operator password=knockknock
    Changing password for user /SP/users/ilom-operator...
    Enter new password again: **********
    New password was successfully set for user /SP/users/ilom-operator

    The ilom-operator user’s password is changed.

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