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Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.1 Administration Guide 

About This Guide

This guide describes how to configure and administer Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4, formerly known as Sun ONE Web Proxy Server and iPlanet Web Proxy Server (and hereafter referred to as Sun Java System Web Proxy Server or just Proxy Server).

This preface contains the following sections:

Who Should Use This Guide

This guide is intended for information technology administrators in production environments. The guide assumes familiarity with the following areas:

How This Guide is Organized

The guide is divided into parts, each of which addresses specific areas and tasks. The following table lists the parts of the guide and their contents.

Table 1  Guide Organization



Part 1
Server Basics

Provides an overview of the Proxy Server and its administration:

Part 2
Using the Administration Server

Provides details about configuring Administration Server preferences, managing users and groups, securing the Proxy Server, and using clusters to share configurations among servers:

Part 3
Configuring and Monitoring the Proxy Server

Provides details about configuring server preferences, setting access control, and monitoring server activity:

Part 4
Managing the Proxy Server

Provides details about concepts and tasks related to how the Proxy Server handles requests:

Part 5

Describes access control list (ACL) file syntax and tuning server performance:

Documentation Conventions

The following table lists the documentation conventions used in this guide.

Table 2  Documentation Conventions



File and directory paths

Given in UNIX� format, with forward slashes separating directory names.

Installation root directories

Indicated as server_root. The default installation directory is /proxyserver4.

Italic text

Titles, emphasis, terms, environment variables in paths, placeholders.

monospace text

Code examples, file names, path names, command names, programming language keywords, properties.

Using the Documentation

Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4 documentation is available in HTML and PDF formats at:

The following table lists the tasks and concepts described in each guide.

Table 3  Proxy Server Documentation

For Information About


The Proxy Server release:

  • Late-breaking information about the software and the documentation
  • New features
  • Supported platforms and environments
  • System requirements
  • Known issues and workarounds

Release Notes

Performing installation and migration tasks:

  • Installing Sun Java System Web Proxy Server
  • Migrating from version 3.6 to version 4

Installation and Migration Guide

Performing administration and management tasks:

  • Using the administration and command-line interfaces
  • Configuring server preferences
  • Managing users and groups
  • Monitoring and logging server activity
  • Using certificates and public key cryptography to secure the server
  • Controlling server access
  • Proxying and routing URLs
  • Caching
  • Filtering content
  • Using a reverse proxy
  • Using SOCKS

Administration Guide
(and the online Help included with the product)

Creating custom Netscape Server Application Programmer’s Interface (NSAPI) plugins

NSAPI Developer’s Guide

Editing configuration files

Configuration File Reference

Contacting Sun Technical Support

For technical questions about this product that are not answered in the product documentation, go to:


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