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Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card

User's Guide

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Document Information


Product Notes

Related Documentation


Access to Oracle Support

Preparing for Installation

Understanding Card Features

Flash Module Architecture Overview

Energy Storage Module Overview

Required ESM Replacement

Ship Kit Contents

Required Tools

Observing Safety Precautions

General Safety Information

Safety Symbols

ESD Safety Measures

Perform ESD Prevention Measures

Update the Host System

Installing the Card

Installing the Hardware

Verify Available PCIe Slot

(Optional) Install Full-Height Bracket

Install the Card Into a System

Card LED Locations

FMod Alignment for Optimal Performance

(Optional) Using the SAS/SATA Controller as a Boot Device

SAS/SATA Controller as a Boot Device

Configure the SAS/SATA Controller as a Boot Device (SPARC Systems)

Configure the SAS/SATA Controller as a Boot Device (x86 Systems)

Remove the Card From a System

Servicing the Card

Servicing FMods

Locate an FMod Using Software

FMod Physical Locations

Remove an FMod

Install an FMod

Replacing FMod Retention Clips

Servicing the ESM

Monitoring ESP Lifespan

Removing the ESM

Installing the ESM

Updating the FMod Firmware

Update the FMod Firmware (Oracle Solaris OS)

Update the FMod Firmware (Windows and Linux OS)

Updating the SAS/SATA Controller Firmware

Update the SAS/SATA Controller Firmware (Oracle Solaris OS)

Update the SAS/SATA Controller Firmware (Linux OS)

Update the SAS/SATA Controller Firmware (Windows)

Replace the Card

Troubleshooting the Card

Troubleshooting Chart

Card LEDs

Understanding Specifications

Physical Dimensions

Environmental Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Connector Pinouts


ESD Safety Measures

Electrostatic discharge sensitive devices, such as the motherboard, PCI cards, hard drives, and memory modules require special handling.


Caution - Circuit boards and hard drives contain electronic components that are extremely sensitive to static electricity. Ordinary amounts of static electricity from clothing or the work environment can destroy the components located on these boards. Do not touch the components along their connector edges.


Caution - You must disconnect all system power supplies before servicing any of the components documented in this chapter.

Antistatic Wrist Strap

Wear an antistatic wrist strap (provided) when handling ESD-sensitive components.

Antistatic Mat

Place ESD-sensitive components such as motherboards, memory, and other PCBs on an antistatic mat (not provided).

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