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Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module Product Documentation
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Change History

Hardware Installation and Product Notes

Hardware Installation

Overview of the Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module

Installing and Powering On the Server Module

Setting Up ILOM

Installing a Supported OS

Product Notes

Overview of the Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module Product Notes

System Software Release Features

Hardware, Firmware, and BIOS Issues

Management and ILOM Issues

Linux Issues

Oracle Solaris Issues

Windows Issues

Documentation Issues

Operating System Installation

Oracle Solaris Installation

Installing the Oracle Solaris Operating System

Linux Installation

Preparing to Install an OS

Installing Oracle Linux

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Installing the SLES Operating System

Oracle VM Installation

Introduction to Oracle VM Installation

Installing Oracle VM

Creating a PXE Installation Image for Oracle VM

Windows Installation

Introduction to Windows Installation

Getting Started With Windows Server 2008 Installation

Downloading Server Software

Installing the Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating System

Updating Critical Drivers and Installing Supplemental Software

Incorporating Device Drivers into a WIM Image for WDS

Administration, Diagnostics, and Service

ILOM Supplement

Overview of the ILOM Supplement

Introduction to Oracle ILOM

Managing Power Usage and Monitoring Power Consumption

Configuring the Server Power Restore Policy

Switching the Default Serial Port Output Between SP and Host Console

Updating Firmware

Using the ILOM Preboot Menu

Indicators, Sensors, and Traps

Diagnostics Guide


Related Documentation

About This Documentation (PDF and HTML)

Typographic Conventions

Documentation Comments

Change History

Diagnostics Guide

Introduction to Diagnostic Tools

About Diagnostic Tools

Strategy for Diagnostics

Service Processor

Standalone Package-Based Diagnostics

Offline Operating System-Based Diagnostics

Online Operating System-Based Diagnostics

Diagnostic Tools for Oracle Servers





Snapshot Utility

Using the Diagnostic Tools to Troubleshoot a Server

Troubleshooting Scenarios

Diagnostic Test Coverage

Setting Up a Server for Testing

U-Boot Diagnostic Startup Tests

U-Boot Diagnostic Startup Tests Overview

System Diagnostic Test Options at Startup

U-Boot Diagnostic Test Modes-Normal, Quick, and Extended

Reporting Diagnostic Failures at System Startup

Running the U-Boot Diagnostic Tests

How to Select a U-Boot Diagnostic Mode to Run at Startup

Sample U-Boot Test Output

U-Boot Normal Mode- Test Output Sample

U-Boot Quick Mode- Test Output Sample

U-Boot Extended Mode- Test Output Sample

Sample SP Environmental Variables Showing U-Boot Test Status

Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility

Pc-Check Diagnostics Overview

Accessing Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility

How to Access Pc-Check Through the ILOM Web Interface

How to Access Pc-Check Through the ILOM CLI

System Information Menu

System Information Menu Options

Advanced Diagnostics Tests

Advanced Diagnostics Tests Menu Options

How to Test the Server's Hard Disks

Immediate Burn-In Testing

Full System Tests

Component Tests

How to Run Immediate Burn-in Tests

Deferred Burn-In Testing

How to Create and Save Scripts for Deferred Burn-in Testing

Create Diagnostic Partition

Create Diagnostic Partition Menu Option

Show Results Summary

Show Results Summary Menu Options

Print Results Report

About Pc-Check

Exit to DOS

Accessing the Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility on the Tools and Drivers CD/DVD

How to Access and Run Pc-Check From the Tools and Drivers CD/DVD

How to Access and Run Pc-Check From a USB Device

How to Set Up the Tools and Drivers CD/DVD Image on the PXE Server

How to Access the Tools and Drivers CD/DVD From the Target Server

Service Manual

Service Manual Overview

Server Module and Components Overview

Power and Reset

Preparation Procedures for Service and Operation

Component Removal and Installation Procedures

Diagnostic and Maintenance Information and Procedures




Server diagnostics are contained in the disk operating system-based (DOS-based) Pc-Check utility. This utility can be accessed from ILOM if your server contains an SP, or the utility can be accessed and executed from your server Tools and Drivers CD/DVD. Pc-Check tests all motherboard components (CPU, memory, and I/O), ports, and slots. When enabled, this utility runs at host power-on. The Pc-Check utility is disabled by default in ILOM.

Note - When running the Pc-Check utility on servers that do not have an SP, transfer the Pc-Check utility from the Tools and Drives CD/DVD to the server’s universal serial bus (USB) flash drive and run the utility from the flash drive.

If you encounter any hardware-related error message (such as memory errors or hard disk errors) on your server, run one of the following:

For additional information about the purpose and use of the Pc-Check diagnostic software, see Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility.

For instructions for accessing the Pc-Check diagnostic software, see Accessing Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility.