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Oracle Solaris 11 Express Image Packaging System Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Introduction to the Image Packaging System

2.  IPS Graphical User Interfaces

3.  Working With Packages

Package Management Tasks

Installing and Managing Packages

How to Install or Update a Package

How to Update a Package

How to View an Installation Action Without Installing

How to Verify a Package Installation

How to Fix Package Installation Errors

How to Uninstall Packages

How to Uninstall a Package From an Inactive Boot Environment

How to Search for Packages

How to Show the Contents of a Package

How to Show Information About Packages

How to List Package State Information

How to Display a Variant

How to Change a Variant

How to Display a Facet

How to Change a Facet

How to View and Delete Operation History

Managing Package Publishers

How to Display Publisher Information

How to Add, Modify, or Remove a Package Publisher

Installing Signed Packages

Image Properties for Signed Packages

Publisher Properties for Signed Packages

Configure Package Signature Properties

4.  Creating and Managing Images

A.  IPS Command Reference


Package Management Tasks

The following table provides a list of package management tasks and references to instructions for accomplishing those tasks. Use the pkg help command to show all subcommands and options of the pkg command.

Table 3-1 Package Management Task Map

Package Management Task
Add or update software (packages).
Perform a trial installation of packages to see the changes that will occur on the system when a package is installed, without actually installing the package.
Verify whether a package was installed correctly and fix any reported installation errors.
Remove packages.
Search for a package installed on your system or search in a remote repository.
Show information about packages.
Display and change a variant or a facet.
View operation history.
Show information about publishers.
Manage publishers and repositories.
Configure an image to install signed packages.

If you receive error messages about trouble contacting a repository or publisher, check the following issues.

If your packaging operations are slow, your disk might be too full. You might want to remove unused BEs to recover some space. Use the beadm list command to list the existing BEs. See the beadm(1M) man page, the Managing Boot Environments With Oracle Solaris 11 Express guide, or the Package Manager online help for instructions about removing BEs.