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Oracle Solaris 11 Express Image Packaging System Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Introduction to the Image Packaging System

2.  IPS Graphical User Interfaces

3.  Working With Packages

4.  Creating and Managing Images

Why Create an Image?

Best Practices for Creating Images

Create an Image

Display, Set, and Remove Image Properties

Update an Image

A.  IPS Command Reference


Display, Set, and Remove Image Properties

See “IMAGE PROPERTIES” in pkg(1) Man Page for descriptions of image properties.

Example 4-2 Displaying the Values of Image Properties

Use the pkg property command to view the properties of an image.

$ pkg property
PROPERTY                       VALUE
ca-path                        /etc/openssl/certs
flush-content-cache-on-success False
mirror-discovery               False
preferred-publisher            solaris
publisher-search-order         ['solaris']
send-uuid                      True
signature-policy               ignore
signature-required-names       []
trust-anchor-directory         etc/certs/CA

Most of these properties are managed with the set-property, unset-property, add-property-value, and remove-property-value subcommands of the pkg command. The preferred-publisher and publisher-search-order properties are set with the pkg set-publisher command. See Example 3-26 and Example 3-29.

Example 4-3 Setting the Value of an Image Property

Use the pkg set-property command to set the value of an image property or add and set a property.

This example sets the value of the mirror-discovery property.

# pkg set-property mirror-discovery True
$ pkg property -H mirror-discovery
mirror-discovery True

Example 4-4 Resetting the Value of an Image Property

Use the pkg unset-property command to reset the values of the specified properties to their default values.

This example unsets the mirror-discovery property.

# pkg unset-property mirror-discovery
$ pkg property -H mirror-discovery
mirror-discovery False