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Oracle Solaris Administration: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Part I Network Auto-Magic

1.  Introduction to NWAM

2.  NWAM Configuration and Administration (Overview)

3.  NWAM Profile Configuration (Tasks)

4.  NWAM Profile Administration (Tasks)

5.  About the NWAM Graphical User Interface

Introduction to the NWAM Graphical User Interface

Accessing the NWAM GUI From the Desktop

Differences Between the NWAM CLI and the NWAM GUI

Functional Components of the NWAM GUI

Interacting With NWAM From the Desktop

Checking the Status of Your Network Connection

How to Show Details About an Enabled Network Connection

Controlling Network Connections From the Desktop

Joining and Managing Favorite Wireless Networks

How to Join a Wireless Network

Managing Favorite Networks

Managing Network Profiles

About the Network Preferences Dialog

Viewing Information About Network Profiles

Switching From One Network Profile to Another Network Profile

Adding or Removing a Network Profile

Editing Network Profiles

How to Open the Network Profile Dialog

Working With Priority Groups

Creating and Managing Locations

How to Change a Location's Activation Mode

How to Switch From One Location to Another Location

Editing Locations

About External Network Modifiers

About the Network Modifiers Dialog

How to Add a Command-Line ENM

Part II Administering Single Interfaces

6.  Overview of the Networking Stack

7.  Datalink Configuration and Administration

8.  Configuring an IP Interface

9.  Configuring Wireless Interface Communications on Oracle Solaris

Part III Administering Interface Groups

10.  Administering Bridges

11.  Administering Link Aggregations

12.  Administering VLANs

13.  Introducing IPMP

14.  Administering IPMP

Part IV  Network Virtualization and Resource Management

15.  Introducing Network Virtualization and Resource Control (Overview)

16.  Planning for Network Virtualization and Resource Control

17.  Configuring Virtual Networks (Tasks)

18.  Using Link Protection in Virtualized Environments

19.  Managing Network Resources

20.  Monitoring Network Traffic and Resource Usage



Joining and Managing Favorite Wireless Networks

By default, when wireless network connections are enabled, NWAM attempts to connect to any available network in the favorites list, without asking, in the priority order in which the connections are listed. If no favorite networks are available, the Wireless Chooser dialog opens. In this dialog you can choose which wireless network to join.

You can also modify the way in which connections to wireless networks are attempted in the Wireless tab of the Network Preferences dialog's Connection Properties view. If required, you can manually connect to a different wireless network by accessing the Network Status notification icon right-click menu.

Tip - You can access the Connection Properties view for a selected network through the Network Preferences dialog. This dialog contains a drop-down list that is labeled, Show. This list enables you to switch between views for a given network. In each view, there are different tasks you can perform and information about the selected network that is specific to that view.

The following views exist for every network connection in each network profile that is on the system:

For more information about working with network profiles, including a description of the Network Preferences dialog, see, Managing Network Profiles.

How to Join a Wireless Network

Wireless networks are joined by choosing the Join Wireless Network option that is available by right-clicking the Network Status notification icon. The Wireless Chooser dialog is where you select a wireless network to connect to, from the list of available networks that is displayed.

  1. To manually connect to a different wireless network, you can do one of the following:
    • Select an available wireless network from the Network Status notification icon's right-click menu.
    • Select the Join unlisted wireless network option from the Network Status notification's icon menu.

      An unlisted wireless network is one that has been configured so that it does not broadcast its network name, yet is still available to join.

    • Select an available wireless network from the Wireless Chooser dialog. This dialog is displayed automatically, when there is a choice of available wireless networks to join.
      Graphic of the Wireless Chooser dialog to select an wireless network.
  2. If the Join Wireless Network dialog opens, provide all of the necessary information for the wireless network you have chosen.

    For more details about the information that you might need to provide, refer to the NWAM GUI online help.

Managing Favorite Networks

By default, when you join a wireless network for the first time, a check box that is labeled, Add to List of Favorite Networks on Successful Connection, is displayed in the Join Wireless Network dialog.