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x86 Assembly Language Reference Manual     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Overview of the Solaris x86 Assembler

2.  Solaris x86 Assembly Language Syntax

3.  Instruction Set Mapping

Instruction Overview

General-Purpose Instructions

Data Transfer Instructions

Binary Arithmetic Instructions

Decimal Arithmetic Instructions

Logical Instructions

Shift and Rotate Instructions

Bit and Byte Instructions

Control Transfer Instructions

String Instructions

I/O Instructions

Flag Control (EFLAG) Instructions

Segment Register Instructions

Miscellaneous Instructions

Floating-Point Instructions

Data Transfer Instructions (Floating Point)

Basic Arithmetic Instructions (Floating-Point)

Comparison Instructions (Floating-Point)

Transcendental Instructions (Floating-Point)

Load Constants (Floating-Point) Instructions

Control Instructions (Floating-Point)

SIMD State Management Instructions

MMX Instructions

Data Transfer Instructions (MMX)

Conversion Instructions (MMX)

Packed Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)

Comparison Instructions (MMX)

Logical Instructions (MMX)

Shift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)

State Management Instructions (MMX)

SSE Instructions

SIMD Single-Precision Floating-Point Instructions (SSE)

Data Transfer Instructions (SSE)

Packed Arithmetic Instructions (SSE)

Comparison Instructions (SSE)

Logical Instructions (SSE)

Shuffle and Unpack Instructions (SSE)

Conversion Instructions (SSE)

MXCSR State Management Instructions (SSE)

64-Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)

Miscellaneous Instructions (SSE)

SSE2 Instructions

SSE2 Packed and Scalar Double-Precision Floating-Point Instructions

SSE2 Data Movement Instructions

SSE2 Packed Arithmetic Instructions

SSE2 Logical Instructions

SSE2 Compare Instructions

SSE2 Shuffle and Unpack Instructions

SSE2 Conversion Instructions

SSE2 Packed Single-Precision Floating-Point Instructions

SSE2 128-Bit SIMD Integer Instructions

SSE2 Miscellaneous Instructions

Operating System Support Instructions

64-Bit AMD Opteron Considerations


Instruction Overview

It is beyond the scope of this manual to document the x86 architecture instruction set. This chapter provides a general mapping between the Solaris x86 assembly language mnemonics and the Intel or AMD mnemonics to enable you to refer to your vendor's documentation for detailed information about a specific instruction. Instructions are grouped by functionality in tables with the following sections:

For certain Solaris mnemonics, the allowed data type suffixes for that mnemonic are indicated in braces ({}) following the mnemonic. For example, bswap{lq} indicates that the following mnemonics are valid: bswap, bswapl (which is the default and equivalent to bswap), and bswapq. See Instructions for information on data type suffixes.

To locate a specific Solaris x86 mnemonic, look up the mnemonic in the index.