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Oracle® Communications Marketing and Advertising System Administrator's Guide
Release 5.1

Part Number E20558-01
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1 Overview

Oracle Communications Marketing and Advertising is a Web application that allows communications service providers, applications, and advertisers to interact to create messaging-based advertising to be delivered over the service network.

Managing the application is accomplished largely through the browser-based GUI that the application provides and related SOAP-based Web services, but a substantial number of configuration and management activities at the system-wide level must be done before the application itself is usable. This configuration, and overall management of the system, are done by the system administrators, also called management users. This guide provides information for those system administrators.

Marketing and Advertising is built on Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 5.0, which runs in the context of Oracle Fusion Middleware WebLogic Server 11.g Release 1 (10.3.1). Services Gatekeeper and WebLogic Server are automatically installed as part of a Marketing and Advertising installation.

The tasks performed by the system administrator can be divided into three categories:

You perform these tasks using the Administration console. For general instructions on using the console, see "Using the Administration Console".

Setting Up the Container

Some of the tasks that the system administrator must perform are those associated with the generic running of any WebLogic Server instance. These include:

Setting Up the Delivery Mechanism

Interacting with the underlying service network requires significant configuration of the delivery mechanism, a subset of Services Gatekeeper. For information on configuring Services Gatekeeper, see:

Setting Up the Web Application

The Web application itself needs a certain amount of configuration. You must supply basic information to allow the container and the application to work together. These tasks include:

You can also customize the look and feel of the browser GUI. See: