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Sun Storage 2500-M2 Arrays Hardware Installation Guide

Hardware Installation Guide



About This Guide

1. Installing Sun Storage 2500-M2 Arrays

About Sun Storage 2500-M2 Trays

Sun Storage 2500-M2 Controller Trays

Sun Storage 2501-M2 Expansion Tray

Installation Tasks Checklist

Controller Tray and Expansion Tray Components

Controller Tray and Expansion Tray Front-Access Components

Controller Tray Rear-Access Components

Expansion Tray Rear-Access Components

Controller Tray Host Ports

Power-Fan Modules

Expansion Tray IOM

Service Action LEDs

Disk Drives

Array Management Software

Service Advisor and CRUs

2. Installing Switches and HBAs

Installing and Configuring Switches

About Switches for Sun Storage 2500-M2 Arrays

Installing Switches

Installing and Configuring HBAs

About Host Bus Adaptors for Sun Storage 2500-M2 Arrays

Installing Host Bus Adapters

Configuring Host Bus Adapters

3. Installing Trays

Preparing for Installation

Installing Adjustable Support Rails

Preparing to Install the Support Rails in the Cabinet

Attaching the Support Rails to the Cabinet

Installing Controller and Expansion Trays

Connecting the Controller Tray to Expansion Trays

Drive Cabling Configurations

Connecting Expansion Trays

4. Connecting Hosts

Configuring Out-of-Band Management

About Out-of-Band Management

Connecting Cables for Out-of-Band Management

Configuring In-Band Management

About In-Band Management

Connecting Cables for In-Band Management

Connecting Data Hosts

About Host Ports

Connecting Host Cables to a Controller Tray

Data Host Multipathing Software

5. Powering On the Array

Before Powering On

Connecting Power Cables

About AC Power Cords

Connecting AC Power Cords

About DC Power Cords

Connecting DC Power Cords

Powering On the Array

Powering Off the Array

Next Steps

A. LEDs and Diagnostic Codes

LED Symbols and General Behavior

About Service Action Allowed LEDs

Disk Drives LEDs

Controller Tray and Expansion Tray LEDs

LEDs on the Front of the Trays

LEDs on the Rear of the Trays

Fibre Channel Host Port LEDs

Power-Fan Module LEDs on Controller Tray and Expansion Tray

Controller Tray Sequence Code Definitions

Controller Tray Lock-Down Codes

Controller Tray Diagnostic Code Sequences

Expansion Tray 7-Segment Display

B. Configuring IP Addressing

About IP Addressing

Configuring the IP Address of the Controller Modules

Configuring Dynamic (DHCP) IP Addressing

Configuring Static IP Addressing

Connecting a Terminal to the Serial Port

Setting Up the Terminal Emulation Program

Establishing a Connection With the Serial Port

Configuring the IP Addresses

C. Configuring a DHCP Server

Before You Begin

Setting Up a Solaris DHCP Server

Setting Up a DHCP for Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Installing the DHCP Server for Windows

Configuring the DHCP Server for Windows