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Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) 3.0

Supplement for Sun Server X2-4

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1.  Determining Your Server Management Strategy

Common Server Management Tasks

Server Management Software Benefits

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager

Oracle Hardware Management Pack

Oracle Hardware Management Agents

Oracle Server CLI Tools


Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant

Evaluating Your Server Environment

Which Operating System Do You Plan to Install?

From Which Platform Do You Want to Run the Software?

Do You Want to Update or Monitor Your System Components?

Do You Have a Modular System Environment?

Server Management Downloads and Documentation

2.  Oracle ILOM 3.0 Documentation

Oracle ILOM 3.0 Documentation Collection

Oracle ILOM 3.0 Server-Specific Documentation

3.  Oracle ILOM Platform Features for the Sun┬áServer X2-4

Supported Sun Server X2-4 Firmware

Power Management Policies

Host Power Throttling and Recovery

Service Processor Power-On Policy

Low Line AC Override Policy

Oracle ILOM Sideband Management

Special Considerations for Sideband Management

Switch Serial Port Output Between SP and Host Console

Switch Serial Port Output Using the Web Interface

Switch Serial Port Output Using the CLI

Server Chassis Intrusion Sensor

How the /SYS/INTSW Sensor Works

Fault Management

Determining Faults

Clearing Faults

Components With No Fault Diagnosis

Viewing Sensors Using IPMItool

Sensors and Indicators Reference Information

System Components

System Indicators

Temperature Sensors

Power Supply Fault Sensors

Fan Speed and Physical Security Sensors

Power Supply Unit Current, Voltage, and Power Sensors

Entity Presence Sensors

SNMP and PET Message Reference Information

SNMP Traps

PET Event Messages

4.  Getting Server Firmware and Software

Firmware and Software Updates

Firmware and Software Access Options

Available Software Release Packages

Accessing Firmware and Software

Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support

Requesting Physical Media

Gathering Information for the Physical Media Request

Request Physical Media (By Phone)

Installing Updates

Installing Firmware

Installing Hardware Drivers and OS Tools


Server Management Software Benefits

This section describes the benefits of the following server management software tools:

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) is system management firmware that is preinstalled on Oracle's x86 servers and SPARC servers. The Oracle ILOM firmware automatically initializes as soon as power is applied to your server. Oracle ILOM enables you to actively manage and monitor components installed in your server. Using Oracle ILOM, you can remotely manage your server regardless of the state of the host system. You can also configure Oracle ILOM to integrate with other management tools in your datacenter.

Oracle ILOM enables you to actively manage and monitor the server independently of the operating system state, providing you with a reliable Lights Out Management (LOM) system. With Oracle ILOM, you can:

The Oracle ILOM service processor (SP) runs its own embedded operating system and has a dedicated Ethernet port, which together provide out-of-band management capability. In addition, you can access Oracle ILOM from the server's host operating system (Oracle Solaris, Linux, or Windows). Using Oracle ILOM, you can remotely manage your server as if you were using a locally attached keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

Oracle provides a full-featured, browser-based web interface and an equivalent command-line interface (CLI). There is also an industry-standard SNMP interface and IPMI interface.

You can easily integrate these management interfaces with other management tools and processes that you might have working already with your servers, such as Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center software. For more information about Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, go to:

In addition, you can integrate Oracle ILOM with a number of third-party software tools, such as IBM Director, HP OpenView Operations, and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. See the Oracle ILOM 3.0 Documentation Library, described in Chapter 2, Oracle ILOM 3.0 Documentation, for further details.

Note - For Oracle servers supporting the Storage Monitoring feature in Oracle ILOM, Oracle Hardware Management Pack must be installed to use the Storage Monitoring features.

Oracle Hardware Management Pack

Oracle Hardware Management Pack software is available for many Sun x86 servers and some SPARC servers. It includes the following categories of tools:

Oracle Hardware Management Agents

The Oracle Hardware Management Agent (Hardware Management Agent) and associated Oracle Hardware SNMP Plugins and Oracle Hardware Storage SNMP Plugins (SNMP Plugins) provide a way to monitor your server and server module's hardware. With the Hardware Management Agent SNMP Plugins you can use SNMP to monitor the Oracle servers and server modules in your data center, without having to connect the management port of the Oracle ILOM service processor to the network. This in-band functionality enables you to use a single IP address (the host's IP) for monitoring your servers and server modules.

The Hardware Management Agent SNMP Plugins run on the host operating system of Oracle servers. The Oracle Hardware SNMP Plugins use the keyboard controller-style (KCS) interface to communicate with the service processor, and the Oracle Hardware Storage SNMP Plugins use the Oracle Hardware Storage Access Libraries to communicate with the service processor. By regularly polling the service processor, information about the current state of the server is retrieved automatically by the Hardware Management Agent. This information is then made available through SNMP, using the SNMP Plugins.

Note - Previous versions of Hardware Management Pack have included a separate Storage Management Agent. However, starting with Oracle Hardware Management Pack 2.1, the Storage Management Agent has been merged with the functionality of the Hardware Management Agent. System storage information is now available using SNMP with the sunStorage MIB.

Oracle Server CLI Tools

Oracle Server CLI Tools (CLI Tools) are command-line interface tools that configure Oracle servers. CLI Tools is a Hardware Management Pack component and is installed using Oracle Hardware Management Pack Installer. The CLI Tools are available for the Oracle Solaris, Linux, Windows, and Oracle VM operating systems. The following table describes the tasks that you can perform using the CLI Tools.

Server Management Task From Host OS
Configure BIOS CMOS settings, device boot order, and some SP settings.
biosconfig CLI
Query, update, and validate firmware versions on supported SAS storage devices, embedded SAS storage controllers, LSI SAS storage expanders, and disk drives.
fwupdate CLI
Restore, set, and view Oracle ILOM configuration settings, as well as view and set Oracle ILOM properties that are associated with network management, clock configuration, and user management.
ilomconfig CLI
View or create RAID volumes on storage drives that are attached to RAID controllers, including storage arrays.
raidconfig CLI


A version of IPMItool is provided as part of the Hardware Management Pack. It can be installed if your server does not already have IPMItool installed. IPMItool is a command-line application that enables you to manage and configure devices that support the IPMI protocol.

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant

The Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant application is a provisioning tool for Sun Fire and Sun Blade x86 servers. The application guides you through server setup and maintenance by providing a single interface that facilitates server installation, configuration, maintenance, and recovery tasks.

The features and benefits of the Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant include: