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Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) 3.0

Supplement for Sun Server X2-4

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1.  Determining Your Server Management Strategy

Common Server Management Tasks

Server Management Software Benefits

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager

Oracle Hardware Management Pack

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant

Evaluating Your Server Environment

Which Operating System Do You Plan to Install?

From Which Platform Do You Want to Run the Software?

Do You Want to Update or Monitor Your System Components?

Do You Have a Modular System Environment?

Server Management Downloads and Documentation

2.  Oracle ILOM 3.0 Documentation

Oracle ILOM 3.0 Documentation Collection

Oracle ILOM 3.0 Server-Specific Documentation

3.  Oracle ILOM Platform Features for the Sun┬áServer X2-4

Supported Sun Server X2-4 Firmware

Power Management Policies

Host Power Throttling and Recovery

Service Processor Power-On Policy

Low Line AC Override Policy

Configure SP Power Management Policies Using the Web Interface

Configure SP Power Management Policies Using the CLI

Oracle ILOM Sideband Management

Special Considerations for Sideband Management

Configure Sideband Management Using the Web Interface

Configure Sideband Management Using the CLI

Configure Sideband Management Using the Host BIOS Setup Utility

Switch Serial Port Output Between SP and Host Console

Switch Serial Port Output Using the Web Interface

Switch Serial Port Output Using the CLI

Server Chassis Intrusion Sensor

How the /SYS/INTSW Sensor Works

Fault Management

Determining Faults

Clearing Faults

Components With No Fault Diagnosis

Viewing Sensors Using IPMItool

Sensors and Indicators Reference Information

System Components

System Indicators

Temperature Sensors

Power Supply Fault Sensors

Fan Speed and Physical Security Sensors

Power Supply Unit Current, Voltage, and Power Sensors

Entity Presence Sensors

SNMP and PET Message Reference Information

SNMP Traps

PET Event Messages

4.  Getting Server Firmware and Software

Firmware and Software Updates

Firmware and Software Access Options

Available Software Release Packages

Accessing Firmware and Software

Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support

Requesting Physical Media

Gathering Information for the Physical Media Request

Request Physical Media (By Phone)

Installing Updates

Installing Firmware

Installing Hardware Drivers and OS Tools


Server Chassis Intrusion Sensor

The /SYS/INTSW sensor is asserted when the server's top cover is removed while power is being applied to the server. This is an improper service action so this sensor serves to alert you to any unauthorized and inadvertent removal of the server's cover. Thus, this sensor enables system administrators to have confidence that the physical integrity of the server has not been violated. This is particularly beneficial when the server is in a remote or uncontrolled location.

Note - The server cannot be powered on when the server top cover is off and the /SYS/INTSW sensor is asserted. If the server's top cover is removed while the server is powered-on, the host will immediately employ a non-graceful shutdown to power off the server.

How the /SYS/INTSW Sensor Works

The /SYS/INTSW sensor is asserted when the chassis intrusion switch trips while the server is powered-on. If the AC power cords are connected to the server, power is being applied to the server. Even when you shut down the server's host, power is still being applied to the server. The only way to remove power from the server completely is to disconnect the server's AC power cords.

The chassis intrusion switch will trip if the server's cover is removed, the switch itself is misaligned, or the cover is not properly seated. This sensor is deasserted when the integrity of the server's chassis is restored, that is, when the removed cover is properly reinstalled, returning the chassis intrusion switch to its closed state.


Caution - Removing the server's top cover while the power cord is connected to the system is not an authorized service action. Proper service action requires that host and SP shutdown operations be observed and that the power cords be disconnected from the system before the cover is opened. If proper service actions are taken, you should not see the /SYS/INTSW sensor asserted unless there are other issues, such as a misaligned chassis intrusion switch.