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Developing Oracle Java CAPS Projects     Java CAPS Documentation
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Developing Java CAPS Projects

Connecting to a Repository

To Connect to a Repository

Creating a Repository-Based Project

To Create a Top-level Repository-Based Project

Opening a Repository-Based Project

To Open a Top-level Repository-Based Project

Adding and Connecting Project Components

Project Nesting

Using the Connectivity Map Editor

Linking Services and Destinations

To Link Services and Destinations

Adding and Setting Up Schedulers

To Add a Scheduler to the Project

To Configure the Schedule

To Configure the Time Zone

Project Context Menu

Project Component Context Menu

Connectivity Map Editor Toolbar

Project Component Overview

Project Components

External Applications


Message Destinations



Mapping Entities

Business Processes


Message Destinations

External Applications

Web Service Applications

Web Connectors

WLM Connectors

Collaboration Definitions

Object Type Definitions

Web Service Definitions

XML Schema Definitions

Constants and Variables

Connectivity Maps

Deployment Profiles


Connecting to a Repository

The following procedure describes how to connect to a Java CAPS Repository.

To Connect to a Repository

  1. You can connect to a Java CAPS Repository by selecting Tools > CAPS Repository > Connect, which displays the Connect to CAPS Repository dialog box. If you're already connected to a CAPS Repository, you can change Repositories by selecting Change Connection.
    image:Screen capture of File menu.
  2. Specify or confirm the appropriate connection parameters and click Connect.
    image:Screen capture of Connect to CAPS Repository dialog box.

    Note - The Project Location you specify is the directory you need to browse to in the following step. By default, this directory is c:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\CAPSRepositoryProjects.

    The preceding figure shows the Login ID and Repository Host fields to be disabled, indicating that the connection parameters have been determined. You can redefine these parameters in any open Project, even if you are not currently connected to a CAPS Repository, by selecting Tools > CAPS Repository > Change Connection, which enables these fields for editing. If you do so, all other open Repository-based Projects will be closed automatically, since open Projects must come from a single Repository.