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Using Oracle Java CAPS Enterprise Manager Management Applications     Java CAPS Documentation
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Using Enterprise Manager Management Applications in Java CAPS

Management Applications Overview

Management Applications Task Overview

Displaying Management Application Tabs

To Start the Enterprise Manager Security Gateway

To Display the Configuration Tabs

Setting Up the User Preferences

To Set Up the User Preferences

Displaying Web Routing Manager

To Display the Web Routing Information

To Change the Management Application for an Object Type

Displaying Web Applications Manager

Automatically Install From the Repository

To Automatically Install Components From the Repository

Managing Applications

Managing the Existing Management Applications

To Start a Management Application

To Stop a Management Application

To Reload a Management Application

To Undeploy a Management Application

Deploying New Management Applications

To Deploy a New Management Application

Managing Alert Codes

Properties File Format

Uploading the Properties File

To Upload the Properties File

Removing Alert Codes

To Remove Alert Codes

Setting Up the User Preferences

Browsers usually allow you to specify preferences, for example, browser refresh rate. The User Preferences page is a special page. comprising of options, which allow a user to personalize the settings.

To Set Up the User Preferences

Perform the following to set up the preferences,

  1. Browser Refresh Rate (in seconds)

    Set the browser to refresh the current web page contents, so that it stays up-to-date.

    1. Enter the time (in seconds).
    2. Click Submit.

      The page is refreshed as per the specified time.

  2. Choose any one or both of the following preferences,
    1. Disable Browser Auto Refresh

      Choose this option to disable the browser from automatically refreshing the current web page contents.

    2. Keep Enterprise Manager Alive (No Timeout)

      The security feature of the Enterprise Manager ensures that the browser periodically times out after a certain period of inactivity.

      Checking this option keeps the connection to the Enterprise Manager alive for as long as the user is logged on.

      Note - Choosing both the options, will enable only the first option, by default.

      Figure 2 User Preferences Tab

      image:User Preferences Tab